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When Life Hands You Lennons spotlights music professionals across the industry, including music producers, managers, songwriters, engineers, and more.


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Bandcamp CEO Fabrice Sergent on how live events will evolve over the next decade

Fabrice Sergent is a music technology entrepreneur and the CEO of Bandsintown, a live music application where fans can sign up and subscribe to their favorite bands to receive notifications when they're in the area. Fabrice and I discuss a number...


 2022-07-26  54m

Godmode Music co-founder & CEO Talya Elitzer on what makes a successful artist

Talya Elitzer is the co-founder and CEO of Godmode Music, an artist management and music publisher based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode, Talya and I talk about NFTs, digital marketing in the 2022 landscape, and what Godmode Music...


 2022-07-12  36m

Raedio's president Benoni Tagoe understands the importance of a healthy mindset and work-life balance

Benoni Tagoe is a music industry veteran and currently serves as Raedio's president. Raedio is an "audio everywhere" company and is aiming to be everywhere we hear audio, like in the hospital, gas stations, grocery stores, and our cars. Benoni and...


 2022-03-22  1h2m

Getting your foot in the door for trailer music with music producer Jim Hustwit

Jim Hustwit is a freelance music producer based in London. He is the owner of Larp Music, a bespoke music production and composition company. He got his start in the music industry decades ago and is credited with marketing the global dance amphibian,...


 2022-03-15  1h0m

NIVIRO chats Dolby Atmos and how it's changing music production, mixing, mastering and live music

NIVIRO is a dance music producer and DJ based in Belgium. He rose to prominence after his track "The Ghost" saw insurmountable success on TikTok. He has continuously refined his sound to become one of the most standout and successful hard dance...


 2022-03-08  1h13m

Tones & I's attorney Kurt Dahl on finding the best music lawyer and avoiding bad agreements

Kurt Dahl is an entertainment and intellectual property attorney in Canada. A musician himself, he understands the importance of artists protecting their art and not engaging in bad deals. Kurt tells the story of how he helped Tones and I and her...


 2022-02-22  54m

Stem's CEO Milana Lewis on female leadership in music tech

Milana Lewis is the founder and CEO of music distribution company Stem. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and New York and help artists navigate the business behind their music. Milana talks about how she got Stem off the ground,...


 2022-01-25  1h2m

Quinn Christopherson talks connecting with emotions to tell impactful stories

Quinn Christopherson is a singer-songwriter based in Anchorage, Alaska. He got his start after winning the NPR Tiny Desk competition back in 2019 with his song "Erase Me," and since then has been dazzling audiences with his sharp wit and his unique...


 2021-12-21  49m

Facebook and Instagram ads for musicians and value of an effective advertisement on social media

Jenny Powers is the founder of Blue Avenue Music. She is a digital marketing guru and has taken artists' online presences from small to huge, allowing them to foster a community and find their fans anywhere in the world. This is then leveraged into...


 2021-12-14  45m

How to get discovered without a following with UnitedMasters' head of A&R

Michael Weiss is the head of A&R at UnitedMasters, a global music distribution company. He is a third generation music industry executive, so the music business is built into his DNA. We discuss building your brand voice and how to remain authentic,...


 2021-11-30  56m