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When Life Hands You Lennons spotlights music professionals across the industry, including music producers, managers, songwriters, engineers, and more.


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Working with Google, VH1, Discovery Channel; going viral on Facebook; having videos played in Times Square

Julian Velez is hands down one of the hardest working, humble, and talented people I personally and professionally know. His unmatched work ethic has led him to work on projects with Google, Discovery Channel, Dr Pepper, VH1, Coors Light, and many...


 2018-11-27  59m

Targeting your fans with unique digital marketing strategies in the music industry

Matt Lillywhite is one of the youngest music industry masterminds working hard behind the scenes. He's worked with several countries' governments, met with some of the music industry's most prolific names, and taken an incredibly tactical approach to...


 2018-11-20  51m

Maintaining mental health in the music industry; recognizing when someone needs help

Mental health has reared its ugly head within many of our lives. It has affected those that don't deserve it and has caused many of those we love to leave forever, including Chester Bennington, Avicii (Tim Bergling), Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and...


 2018-11-13  27m

How to remain productive and creative during your darkest and non-creative times

Anxiety, depression, and darkness creeps up and gets the best of us at sometimes the worst times. There are ways, thankfully, to help combat those demons and stay productive, even if we're not feelin' it. Join my Discord:...


 2018-11-06  28m

Why moving away from home is beneficial, creatively important, and why it worked for me

Moving far away can be very nerve-racking for some. For me, I knew that it was what I had to do if I wanted to follow and pursue my dreams within the music business. In this episode I talk about why moving away was so important for me, my career, and...


 2018-11-01  27m

Introduction to When Life Hands You Lennons

When Life Hands You Lennons spotlights music experts in the entertainment industries to share their expertise with aspiring industry professionals. Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/CRTcYRDGqf Connect with Lennon: Website:...


 2018-10-30  2m