When Women Fly

When Women Fly is a weekly interview podcast where we speak with women who fly, literally and metaphorically. These are creative women who elevate the assumptions of traditions and who are fueled by physical and mental challenges. They fly, run, surf, ski, climb or otherwise soar, with a passion for life that is infectious. Join these conversations about aspirations, pivots, vulnerability, reinvention, resilience and what it takes to rise above setbacks, injury, loss and defeat. Your host, Sylvia Winter, a pilot, designer, mom and podcaster, brings her enthusiasm for adventure, fresh air and vistas, to you, wherever you are. We celebrate the spirit, courage and strength that connects us. We believe that bringing the space to dream into people's lives by our telling real stories of women who capture and harness the unimaginable, clears the sky and is an affirmation to us all. Be bold. Be brave. Fly.


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035 Skyward and Uncut Wings: Female Icons of Freedom, Strength, and Resolve with Serinity Young

Let's take a deeper look at women who fly, modern feminism, and how adventurous women are  stitched into a narrative about freedom and control ranging widely through myth, religion, and iconography - this story of 'sky-going females'.

In this episode, Sylvia talks to Serinity Young PhD about her astonishing study into women and flight chronicled in the 2018 book, Women Who Fly: Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and other Airborne Females...



034 A Call to the Mountains and Other Reasons to Fly with Sarah Halas - Ski Guide and Alpine Flight Instructor

How can we stay true to ourselves when the neat boxes society organizes us in are stifling? What are dreams and passions if not our guide and confidant? What are the costs and the rewards of a passion-driven life?

In today's episode, Sylvia talks to Sarah Halas, flight instructor and mountain guide from Truckee, California.  Sarah shares her story of finding flying amongst other pursuits that would  bring her deeper into mountains...



033 The Unfinished Business of Gender Equality with Tara Geraghty-Moats - World Champion in Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping

What institutional barriers are (still!) holding back world-class female athletes, and what can we do about it?

In this episode, Sylvia is joined by Tara Geraghty-Moats, the Nordic combined women’s World Cup champion in 2021, the first season females were granted a World Cup. The sport, which pairs up ski jumping with a pursuit-start skate ski race, was an original men's event in the first 1924 Winter Olympic program...



032 Dare to Fly with Jessica Cox: Defying Limitations as an Armless Pilot and Black Belt in Taekwondo

How can we break through our perceived limitations and pursue our ambitions and dreams? How do we manage the assumptions that others project onto us?

Being born without arms has not deterred Jessica Cox from being an ambitious dream chaser. In this episode, Sylvia is joined by Jessica to discuss the remarkable life she's created for herself as a pilot, martial artist, athlete, and keynote speaker...



031 The Untold Secret To Spirituality and Flight with Ashaba Faridah - Ugandan Pilot and Innovator

How can we take action and make a difference in our communities? What would it look like to live in integrity with our deepest spiritual beliefs?

In this episode, Sylvia is joined by Ashaba Faridah to discuss interweaving our personal and spiritual lives, finding ways to give back and be of service, what flying can teach us about life, and much more.

Ashaba Faridah grew up on the outskirts of Kampala city, Uganda...



030 How a Game Plan and Debrief Can Change Your Leadership Success with Linda Lindquist-Bishop - World Championship Sailboat Racer

What will it take to raise more women into leadership positions? How can men and women show up as allies to create meaningful and lasting change?

In this episode, Sylvia is joined by Linda Lindquist-Bishop to discuss how we can set up the women of today to be successful in leadership positions, what it means to choose love over fear in our relationships and in our lives, why racing sailboats is the best leadership development strategy, and much more...


 2021-05-13  1h18m

029 Flying Trapeze and Building Resilience with Dr. Edy Greenblatt - Entrepreneur, Coach and Dancer

Sylvia is joined by dance ethnologist, flying trapeze artist and executive coach Dr. Edy Greenblatt, Ph.D., to discuss what people get wrong about work-life balance and burnout. Edy shares with listeners what flying trapeze and dance can teach us about business and relationships, what we can do to avoid burnout, why we should learn to work with our fear rather than against, and much more. 

Topics include:

  • Defining resilience
  • Work as enrichment to life vs...


 2021-05-06  55m

028 Rural, Urban and the Lessons In-Between with Jamie Klaes - Alaskan Pilot, Educator, and Skier

In this episode of When Women Fly you'll meet first-generation Alaskan and distinctively awesome person, Jamie Klaes, Director of Aviation for Alaska EXCEL, a nonprofit that provides resources and skills for rural youth across Alaska. She also flies Medevac missions to rural villages in remote areas and is a backcountry flight instructor in remote Alaska – on floats and skis...


 2021-04-29  57m

027 When Surfing Makes a Scientist and Storyteller with Shannon Switzer Swanson

This week, to celebrate Earth Day, Sylvia is joined by Shannon Switzer Swanson, a National Geographic Explorer, marine social ecologist, and surfer to probe the intersection of storytelling, research, art and science. They talk about modern-day "Exploration"and the role of women and the BIPOC community in redefining it...


 2021-04-22  50m

026 Aerobatics, Athleticism and Motherhood with Melissa Dawn Burns - Pilot, Flyer, Jumper, Climber, Mom, Wife, Professor and Ultra-runner

In this episode, Sylvia is joined by Melissa Burns, a professional aerobatic pilot, display skydiver, B.A.S.E. Jumper and mom. As a pilot and athlete, she was the youngest female member of the United States Unlimited Aerobatic Team in history and competed for 10 years. Melissa was named the Fastest Woman in the World at the World Champion Wingsuit Jumping Race in Norway and has numerous Skydiving World Records...


 2021-04-15  1h17m