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Your one stop shop for all things horror, brought to you by 3 cynical jerks. We'll discuss horror movies, music, video games, art, comics, anything that is supposed to scare, freak out, or just give the willies, we're on it.


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Who Goes There Podcast: Ep246 – PIG

In 2010, Dread Central and a few other horror sites joined together to stream Pig, the new movie from director Adam Mason. The film was only streamed for a limited time, and if you missed it, too bad. Pig was never officially released,



Who Goes There Podcast: Ep245 – UNDERWATER

Grab your bathing suits and towels, we're going swimming! It may only be January, and half of the country is covered in snow but don't let that stop you! Just call us Sebastian because this week we're going under the sea with 2020's Underwater!



Who Goes There Podcast: Ep244 – THE GRUDGE 2020

Generally, when the horror community hears the word "remake" we all collectively groan and roll our eyes. More often than not, the remake fails to capture what audiences loved about the source material. Every so often,



Who Goes There Podcast: Ep243 – Best and Worst of 2019

We here at the Who Goes There Podcast have spent countless hours researching exactly what is the key to podcasting superstardom. Through our tireless research we have come to the realization that the internet likes lists.



Who Goes There Podcast: Ep242 – DEPRAVED

I pride myself on my depravity. In fact, when starting this podcast my goal was to introduce people to the most depraved, fucked up movies I could find. Well, times have changed, and while we may not be covering as many totally disturbing movies,



Who Goes There Podcast: Ep241 – BLACK CHRISTMAS 2019

Despite being in my late thirties, not having any children, and living in a place that has never seen snow, I still love Christmas! I just love all the twinkling lights, the endless supply of baked goods, and the feeling of togetherness just warms my c...


 2019-12-24  1h16m

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep240 – DANIEL ISN’T REAL

As children our imagination knows no bounds. Some of us create wild stories for our toys to act out, some of us turn to drawing and art to express our creativity, and some of us have imaginary friends. Sometimes an imaginary friend is nothing more than...


 2019-12-14  1h26m

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep239 – DEADLY GAMES

Ladies and germs, Christmas has come early! The wonderful people of France teamed up with the folks over at Shudder to bring us an amazing gift that we didn't know we wanted! Have you ever been watching Home Alone and thought to yourself, "yeah,


 2019-12-08  1h0m

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep238 – THE GALLOWS: ACT 2

A few years ago we were invited to our first ever screening at San Diego Comic Con, and needless to say we were totes stoked. The episode following that screening has gone down in the annals of Who Goes There history as one of our most insane episodes ...


 2019-12-02  1h1m

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 237 – BLISS

Did y'all ever watch a movie called Prayer of the Rollerboys? It's this early 90's gem starring Corey Haim about a gang of rollerbladers who wear trenchcoats and peddle this weird drug called "mist". This week's film has nothing to do with that movie,


 2019-11-25  1h21m