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episode 275: Ep275: Sputnik

Привет идиоты With the elections on the horizon, much of the world is once again focused on potential Russian interference  on the U.S. elections. Here at the Who Goes There Podcast we're far more concerned with what the Rooskies have brought back from outer space. Space Force may be gearing up to liberate the galaxy, but in the meantime Russia is fuckin' around with aliens, bro! This week we dive in to the 2020 Russian documentary Sputnik...



episode 274: Ep274: Idle Hands

Alright, zip it, nerdlingers! We have a very important announcement and we need your full attention. Ahem... FUCKIN CHRIS IS BACK DUUUUUUUUUDES! That's right! We convinced Chris to crawl out of his quarantine cavern and join us (on discord)! Recently, we asked the Instagram community what movie we should cover...



episode 273: Ep273: Cannibal Holocaust - WGT

This episode is not for the feint of heart.



episode 272: Ep272: Host & Impetigore - WGT

Buenos dias, all my little nose goblins! Your favorite international sex symbols are back with another episode that is just bulging with greatness! We know you have a hard enough time taking in our usual, above average content, so this week, we're doubling it! That's right! It's time for another double episode! The internet has been all abuzz because someone made a movie about Zoom, and you know, it's timely. So we submitted and did an episode on the 2020 Shudder original Host...



episode 271: Ep271: Ichi The Killer - WGT

Rejoice, idiots! For we have returned. Needless to say we greatly enjoyed the summer break we afford ourselves every year, it was most enjoyable. But enough of this sentimental bologna; let's get down to business! This week, we're doing a film that is very near and dear to my heart. We are doing a film that my wife (my wiiiiiife) and I watched on the day we met...


 2020-08-16  1h33m

episode 270: Ep270: Lifeforce - WGT

Saaaaaaaah, dudes! So remember last week, when like, we went to space? Well, we decided to stay for a week. Lots of tight space type things out here. While we're here we're going to discuss another space movie. Isn't that nice of us? Yes, yes it was. Last week was Cthulhu type sex monsters; this week, it's naked space vampires. That's right, ya chuckleheads, we're talkin' 'bout Lifeforce! (Review starts at 26:52) This movie was made to show how Tobe Hooper could make a movie on par with Alien...


 2020-08-03  58m

episode 269: Ep269: From Beyond - WGT

Greeting from space, Earth dorks! Pack your freeze-dried Thanksgiving dinner, kiss the kids goodbye, we're going to space! (Spoiler: we'll be in space next week too!) Our resident android Rhett has been suggesting 1986's From Beyond for a long time. However, after the debacle that was Dead Ringers we've since been hesitant to trust a Rhett pick. Ultimately, we realized he is only artificial intelligence and we should not punish him so severely...


 2020-07-28  1h4m

episode 268: Ep268: Hell Comes to Frogtown ft Say You Love Satan

(Unfortunately the intro plays over the first few seconds, but you don't miss anything. Hell Comes To Frogtown is available on Shudder.)


 2020-07-20  1h26m

episode 267: Ep267: Blade: The Iron Cross (Puppet Master)- WGT

How goes it, ya lil booger eaters?! Speaking of booger eaters, allow me to tell you a story. Twas the summer of 1990, and a super cool kid named Matt was sitting down with his aunt to watch a movie. In said movie there was a character with a blank, pale, emotionless face with eyes soulless and black, like a shark. No, I'm not talking about Kirsten Stewart, I'm talking about Blade! While the leech woman may have terrified the living shit out of me, Blade was different...


 2020-07-14  1h4m

episode 266: Ep266: Dark City - WGT

Greetings, all you little crotch goblins! We hope you're ready for a wild ride, because this week is one of those "sci-fi-horror" episodes you all love so much! This week we're joined by the haomie, and author of I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today, Brian Asman to discuss the cerebral, cenebyte-ish, world of Dark City. Rhett claims that Matt was feeling a little saucy since Brian was sitting in, and things get a little wild...


 2020-07-07  1h18m