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episode 304: Ep304: Q The Winged Serpent - WGT

Greetings, you repugnant little bridge trolls. Monster month is chugging right along and this week, we're covering a doozy! Looking back, I'm sure we can all remember going to the video store and every time we'd see the same movie. The box art was always interesting enough to draw in our attention, we pick up the slip cover and read the back and we're putting it back on the shelf. Damn, bitch...



episode 303: Ep303: Nightbreed - WGT

Well howdy there, ya slimy goofs. Look here. Covid restrictions are lifting across the U.S. and the world is slowly returning to normal. However, we're not out of the woods yet, and in the name of precaution, we're recording remotely this week. The good news is, since we're all stuck in our homes, we've opened a link to a parallel dimension in which CHRIS IS BACK!

That's right, turd nuggets, Chris is back! In order to celebrate we're chilling in the 80's again (kinda)...



episode 302: Ep302: Humanoids From The Deep

Que paso, tonto? In 1999, gore-metal band GWAR released the song "Fishfuck". The song is deeply profound and often considered to be a quintessential modern poem. On May 23, 2014 the composer said epic, Dave Brockie, passed away from a heroin overdose.

In remembrance of the seven year anniversary of Dave's passing, we are doing the best (only?) movie we could find just BURSTING with fish fucking...



episode 301: Ep301: March Madness: Best Horror Film of 2010's Part 2 - WGT

Sup, nerds. At the time of this episode posting it is still March, and we're mad as hell about it! If you're living under a rock and missed episode 300 I'll bring your simple brain up to speed...



episode 300: Ep300: March Madness: Best Film of the 10's

Spring salutations, you sanctimonious sacks of shit! Here we sit, almost eight years and 300 episodes into this little show, and we want to do something hella tight. So we did.

As horror fans, we all sit around and argue about what horror film we think is the best. With so much focus being wasted on the 80's and 90's, we want to pay tribute to the best RECENT horror films.

Yeah, obviously we do this masturbatory song and dance at the end of every year. Don't be such a nay-sayer...



episode 299: Ep299: Saint Maud - WGT

Salutations, suckers! The time is nigh! After waiting for nearly an entire year the holy spirit has blessed(?) us with the long awaited new release from A-24! We're down on our knees, filling ourselves, not only with the love of the Lord, but with the bounty of Saint Maud. (Review at 25:55)

Being an A-24 release, many will say the film is bound to be "all style, and no substance", or "overly long and kind boring"...


 2021-03-15  1h12m

episode 298: Ep298: Wrong Turn 2003 & 2021

What's good, ya slack-jawed mouth-breathers? Through our extensive research using test groups, and studying market trends we have determined you enjoy when we compare horror classics with their modern remakes. So yeah, we're doing that. You're welcome.

In 2003 we got Wrong Turn, a movie about idiot teenagers who get lost in the woods and then die at the hands of inbred cannibals. The movie would go on to spawn 1,621 straight to video sequels that no one cared about...


 2021-03-02  1h33m

episode 297: Ep297: Willy's Wonderland - WGT

Greetings, my young idiot friends. For quite a few years now everyone has been riding the dee of one Mr. Nicolas Cage. Movie goers around the world just love his quirkiness and his "ability to just throw himself into a roll". Imagine what it would be like if he could just go "full Cage".

Well, friends, I call bullshit. I don't think Nick Cage is a great actor, and I don't think he's that "quirky"...


 2021-02-23  1h0m

episode 296: Ep296: The Reckoning - WGT

Greetings, you grubby little turds. Think back, if you will, to the year 2002. A young filmmaker by the name of Neil Marshall is releasing a movie that he wrote and directed called Dog Soldiers. Many would go on to call Dog Soldiers one of the best werewolf films of all time.

We're jumping ahead now to 2005. Riding high on the success of his beast of a werewolf film, young Neil is about to release a new movie he's been directing: The Descent...


 2021-02-15  1h9m

episode 295: Ep295: Psycho Goreman - WGT

Good morning, my sweet idiot children. This week, we're covering a brand spanking new movie just for you. No, you don't deserve it. In fact, with the way you have been behaving we shouldn't be giving you a damn thing.

Have you ever sat there or your lazy ass, watching E.T. and thought, "yeah right. That alien would be destroying everything!"? If so, what the hell is wrong with you? But also, you're not wrong...


 2021-02-08  58m