Why'd You Push That Button?

Why’d you like that celebrity photo on Instagram? Why’d you leave that restaurant review on Yelp? Why’d you text in lowercase, or turn on read receipts, or share your location? Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany ask real people the hard, meta, and occasionally silly questions about the way technology influences our thinking, changes our behavior, and affects our social lives. Produced by The Verge and the Vox Media Podcast Network.


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Should we be kind to our smart assistants?

Hosts Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany travel to Las Vegas for CES 2019 and chat about what it means to have smart speakers in our homes and as part of our families. Do we need to be kind to them? Director of Product Management for the Google Assistant Lillian Rincon and Editor of Voicebot.ai Bret Kinsella join Ashley and Kaitlyn to give their expert takes.


 2019-02-06  20m

Introducing Better Worlds

The Verge's new series of short fiction, audio, and animation that explores how technology can shape our society and environment in better, more equitable ways.


 2019-01-30  28m

episode 12: Why do you use an exclusive dating app?

Why do you think you're better than Tinder?


 2019-01-09  43m

episode 11: Why do you ask questions anonymously?

My Instagram followers want to know whether I like veggie chips and how many push-ups I can do in a row. The answer is no and one. On this week’s Why’d You Push That Button, Vox.com’s Kaitlyn Tiffany and I (Ashley Carman) discuss anonymous question-and-answer apps — why do people use them, both to ask and receive questions?

First, I chat with my pal Vanessa about how they use Instagram’s question and answer feature to build community...


 2019-01-02  33m

Why do you post on fake holidays?

People mostly participate in hashtag holidays if they feel a personal connection, but also sometimes to show off their cute baby pics. 


 2018-12-26  30m

episode 9: Why do you send voice messages?

The people who love voice messages love voice messages.


 2018-12-19  33m

episode 9: How do you choose your emoji skin tone?

Kaitlyn and Ashley discuss the five emoji skin tone (not counting the default gold option) and how people decide which color best represents them.


 2018-12-12  51m

episode 1: Function with Anil Dash: What Does Epic Games Owe the Artists Who Inspire Fortnite Emotes?

We've got a bonus episode of another podcast from Vox Media that we think you'll enjoy, it's called Function with Anil Dash


 2018-12-05  41m

episode 8: What makes a place Instagram-worthy?

What makes you post a photo to Instagram? What space is truly worthy of a post? Are we willing to destroy nature for a good pic?


 2018-11-28  57m

episode 7: What have you bought on Instagram?

Kaitlyn Tiffany and Ashley Carman discuss Instagram shopping: why do we buy stuff?


 2018-11-21  58m