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Working is inherently good. Most people have worked or will work for a period of time in life. My passion is derived by the talents, skills, desires, and motivations of people like you. You are the one who helps us all. From the family unit or in the skyline of universal connections, we all have a valuable part to play and our work is a direct contributor to this connection. I believe that we are not only connected through our work, but we are encouraged, reminded, led, and mentored by one another, based on life and work experiences. I do not believe that we can do it alone, no matter the job, because we require human interaction, through any means necessary, and this podcast will be here for you. You are the most valuable asset to @WhyWeWork, because I want to talk to you about why you do what you do or what you would like to do, in terms of work. And others, like you, want to hear about what gets you up each day and what drives you to keep keeping on, even during the hard times...


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episode 93: #93 Deborah Mourey - An Authentic Human's Guide to Finding Meaningful Work - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Deborah "Debbie" Mourey is an author and her most recent book is entitled, "An Authentic Human's Guide to Finding Meaningful Work". Debbie has created a guide to help people relieve their frustrations by putting them on a path which suites their values, skills, and abilities, and by putting thoughts into action, with a goal in mind and purpose at heart. Contact InfoAuthentic Meaningful Workhttps://www.amazon.com/Authentic-Humans-Guide-Finding-Meaningful/dp/0578757842Deborah’s Profilelinkedin...


 2021-01-22  1h24m

episode 92: #92 Ron Lovett - Scaling Culture & Entrepreneur - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Ron Lovett is a business ninja with a heart of compassion for people. Ron is surely an entrepreneur with his manny ongoing business ventures, but he is also a keynote speaker and author of two books (Outrageous Empowerment & Scaling Culture); also, Mr. Lovett, is the host on the successful podcast Scaling Culture. Contact InfoRon’s Profilelinkedin.com/in/ron-lovett Ron's First Book - Outrageous Empowermenthttps://www.amazon...


 2021-01-20  49m

episode 91: #91 Kyle Grappone - Career Clarity Coach - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Kyle Grappone is a career clarity coach who brings clarity, direction, and accountability to people's lives. His focus is on 1) career change, 2) starting side hustles, and 3) launching a business. Kyle also helps market businesses, as he isa branding strategist and published author (To the Next Step). Contact InfoKyle’s Profilelinkedin.com/in/kylegrapponeWebsitekyleg.journoportfolio.com (Company Website)Facebookhttps://www.facebook...


 2021-01-20  1h0m

episode 90: #90 Jeff Deskovic - Foundation for Justice - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Jeff Deskovic was wrongfully convicted of a crime and spent 16 years in prison. Since his exoneration, his mission has been to help others who have been wrongfully convicted. Jeff started The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice and seeks partners, supports, and donations for this worthy cause. Contact InfoJeffrey’s Profilelinkedin.com/in/jeffreydeskovicWebsitesDeskovic.org (Company Website)Facebookfacebook.com/jeffrey.deskovic (FB page)Instagramhttps://www.instagram...


 2021-01-20  1h17m

episode 89: #89 Brenden Kumarasamy - MasterTalk - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Brenden Kumarasamy is a well spoken and thoughtful young man, which is why he is the talent behind MasterTalk. Brenden's MasterTalk Youtube channel has gained traction as he has harnessed his speaker and facilitating skills to help others overcome fears in public speaking and begin perfecting the art of communication. Contact InfoBrenden’s Profilelinkedin.com/in/brendenkumarasamyEmailkumarasamy.brenden@gmail.comWebsitehttps://www.mastertalk.ca/Youtubehttps://www.youtube...


 2021-01-18  41m

episode 88: #88 Josh Sentner - Producer @ Sentner Records - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Josh Sentner is the owner of Sentner Records, where he offers professional production, mixing, and mastering services. Josh is a talented musician and with both his talents and skills in music and film, he has toured and had the honour of working with well known talent in the entertainment industry. Contact InfoJosh’s Profilehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/joshsentner/Websitessentnerrecords.com (Company Website)eisleycreative...


 2021-01-16  1h13m

episode 87: #87 Andrew Allemann - PodcastGuests.com & DomainNameWire.com - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Andrew Allemann is a technology media publisher who focuses half of his attention on 1) Domain Names (DomainNamesWire.com) and 2) The Internet of Things (Stacey on IoT), while the other half of his working attention goes to his wildly successful podcast user booking site (PodcastGuests.com).Contact InfoAndrew’s Profilelinkedin.com/in/allemannWebsitedomainnamewire.com podcastguests.comEmailandrew@podcastguests.comaustintexas@gmail.comTwitter@domainnamewirehttps://twitter...


 2021-01-15  42m

episode 86: #86 Ivey Conerly - Christian Rap Artist - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Ivey (IV) Conerly is a Christian Gospel Artist, Evangelist, and general hard worker for His Lord and Saviour; and he would be the first to admit that anything good comes from the grace of his heavenly Father. Ivey's mission is to see lives supernaturally changes by the saving Word of God for the glory of Christ Jesus; Ivey's music is one means by which this change of heart can happen...


 2021-01-14  1h40m

episode 85: #85 Christina Flach - Pretty Girl Makeup - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Christina Flach is the President & CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is more than just a business owner; for she is a hard worker. Christina is a celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur, writer, blogger, television personality, philanthropist, and a loving mother. Christina is making Pretty Girl Makeup into a billion dollar. Contact InfoCHRISTINA’S Profilelinkedin.com/in/christina-flach-1185825Websitesprettygirlmakeup.com (Company Website)scoutcreatives.com (Portfolio)christinaflach...


 2021-01-12  57m

episode 84: #84 Josiah Teddy Kinlock - Singer/Songwriter/Producer - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Josiah Teddy Kinlock is a music artist. Josiah is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Having Caribbean roots, he has travelled the world making music within various genres such as Reggae, Reggaeton, Bahamian, Junkanoo, R & B, Rake & Scrape, Salsa Soca + others. He has worked with Bob Marley, George Harrison, Keith Richards, and Elvis Costello, to name a few. Contact InfoJosiah Teddy’s Profilelinkedin...


 2021-01-08  1h14m