Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs

Wire Talk was created to encourage and equip moms throughout the challenging and life-changing journey of motherhood. Each week on Wire Talk Karen Stubbs offers godly, practical advice on the topics every mother has questions about: mom guilt, our children’s faith, potty-training, divorce, our teenagers dating, and more!


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350: Know How To Keep Your Sanity

We sacrifice all the time as a mom, and if we’re not careful, we can lose ourselves in the process. This week we’re discussing the next chapter of Survival Guide to Motherhood- Know How To Keep Your Sanity. Karen reminds us of the importance of...



349: Know How To Take Charge of Your Home

We’re in the second week of diving into Karen’s new book: Survival Guide to Motherhood. Today we’re unpacking Karen’s accumulated wisdom on taking charge in your home. If you are struggling with a home that seems to have been taken over by a...



episode 348: 348: Know How To Get Through The Day

Dive in to Karen's brand-new book, Survival Guide to Motherhood, with us today! We are digging deep into the first chapter, Know How to Get Through the Day. This one is for new moms, for whom each day can feel like a lifetime, and for seasoned moms,...



347: Raising Emotionally Strong Boys with David Thomas

Today friend of BOAW and family therapist, David Thomas, joins us in the studio to talk about our boys and their emotional health. He shares practical wisdom for how parents can equip boys with the tools they need to understand and manage their...



346: Creating the Community You Crave

Motherhood is a journey, and it’s often a lonely one. Today we’re talking about taking one step to create the community that you are craving - starting a moms group. We are answering your questions about what that could look like and giving you...


 2023-01-02  24m

345: Walking Through the Christmas Story: Luke 2:1-21

We are wrapping up our reading of the Christmas Story today in chapter 2 of Luke. I think you’ll enjoy re-visiting this famous birth story through fresh eyes as we unpack Luke’s words verse by verse. Questions for Reflection: What is God doing...


 2022-12-20  16m

344: Walking Through the Christmas Story: Luke 1:39-56

Today in Luke, we read about Mary sharing her good news with her cousin, Elizabeth. I love that Luke recorded this intimate look at two women’s friendship and the way they rejoiced with one another! As you listen and read this passage on your own...


 2022-12-13  23m

343: Walking Through the Christmas Story: Luke 1:26-38

We’re continuing to unpack Luke’s account of the Christmas story today in chapter 1 of Luke. As Karen breaks down the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary and her response to him she  draws out beautiful and practical truths we can learn from this...


 2022-12-06  26m

342: Walking Through the Christmas Story: Luke 1:1-25

It’s easy as a mom to spend all of your time leading up to Christmas morning checking off a giant to-do list and completely neglect to set aside any time to focus your heart on what the point of all this fuss is - JESUS’s arrival! That’s why,...


 2022-11-29  28m

341: Handling Extended Family (Especially Around the Holidays!)

The holidays are a special time of year but they can be extremely tricky for families. Whether you're traveling or staying home, struggling with your mother-in-law or your own mom, there’s lots of family time involved and that often leads to...


 2022-11-22  26m