Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs was created to encourage and equip moms throughout the precious, challenging, and life-changing journey of motherhood. Karen Stubbs is the founder of Birds on a Wire - a ministry for moms. Hosted by Sunny Williams, Wire Talk offers Godly, practical advice on the topics every mother has questions about: mom guilt, our children’s faith, potty-training, divorce, our teenagers dating, the toddler years and more!


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episode 269: WT 269: How Do I Teach My Kids To Be Grateful? [RE-AIR]

How many times have you coached your child to say, "thank you" during their younger years? Teaching a two year old to respond politely is one task, but teaching a 14 year old to be grateful for opportunities and possessions is entirely another! Today...



episode 268: WT 268: Discontentment in Marriage [RE-AIR]

We all walk down the aisle with hearts full of hope, but a few years and a kid or two down the road, we often discover marriage is more work than we thought it would be. Right after discipline,  marriage is the topic we get the most questions...



Finding Your Purpose in Motherhood with Candace Cameron Bure

We've got a fun one for you today moms! Today we're re-airing one of our favorite interviews of all time. Candace Cameron Bure, actress, wife, mom, and as she often points out, first and foremost, a follower of Jesus joins us in the studio to talk...



WT 266: How Do We Survive the Chaos of the Toddler Years? [RE-AIR]

During the month of June, Wire Talk is re-airing 5 of our most popular episodes from years past. We’re kicking off the month with a great one, all about toddlers! Moms are constantly asking, how can we survive the chaos and maybe even enjoy a little...



Fostering a Great Relationship with Your Teenage Daughter

As your little girl turns the corner toward adulthood, your relationship dynamic will definitely start to change. Today Karen shares her thoughts on connecting with older daughters while still holding the line on boundaries and discipline. Don’t...



episode 264: WT 264: Taking Your Family Values Outside the Home

We all want kids with great character, but how do you help your kids take the lessons you are teaching them at home out into the real world? Today Karen is sharing the family values she and Greg tried to instill in their kids (and why they never had a...


 2021-05-18  24m

episode 263: WT 263: How Do I Teach My Child to Be a Good Friend?

Whether it’s a friend’s bad behavior rubbing off on your child, or your child having trouble being a good friend, today Karen and Sunny are tackling your questions about friendship. As always, we hope this conversation encourages you right where...


 2021-05-11  25m

How's Your Anxiety Level, Mom? with special guest Sissy Goff

"We feel out of control and so the easiest place and most natural place to control when we feel fearful, even fearful for our kids, is to step in and control them."  Author and counselor Sissy Goff joins us today to talk about the rise in...


 2021-05-04  30m

episode 261: Spiritual Disciplines for Mom Life: Practicing Sabbath

Sabbath first appears in the story of creation and again in the 10 commandments, but what does Sabbath actually look like in a mom's world? Today pastor joins Karen and Sunny to share how practicing Sabbath helps recalibrate our hearts to love God...


 2021-04-27  37m

Spiritual Disciplines for Moms: Community with Other Believers

Gathering together this past year has been a complicated component of spiritual life for many of us. On today’s episode Karen and Sunny answer questions from moms weary of virtual church, about what to do when your kids hate going to church, and...


 2021-04-20  27m