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Spectrum: Only you can prevent cancer

You'll read some pretty nasty news in the coming decade about cancer swallowing a record number of victims. That is unavoidable. The good news: Two in every five cases are preventable.


 2019-02-14  30m

Spectrum: Where has all the sugar gone?

At the biggest sweets trade fair in the world, you'd be surprised how many people are fighting against sugar. Where are sugar lovers in the modern-day manifestation of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?


 2019-02-08  30m

Spectrum: Frozen

In the heart of winter (at least in the northern hemisphere), we take a look this week at what the cold does to our bodies. Can it possibly be good for us to be exposed to -196 degrees Celsius?


 2019-02-01  n/a

Spectrum: It hurts to let your football team down

How can professional athletes who cause their team to lose by their blunders be helped? Also, can snail slime make us prettier? And we talk about asbestos, a very dangerously fine dust.


 2019-01-18  30m

Spectrum: The true physics message of Christmas

What would you do if you got a text message from an elf — an elf who says Santa doesn't use ANY magic. And this elf invites you to meet him to show you proof of how it all goes down on the 24th.


 2018-12-28  30m

Spectrum: A hyperloop dream for Europe

Amsterdam to Barcelona in about an hour. Wouldn't it be great if Europe had its very own hyperloop system? Come with us to check out the radical plan being drawn up at the Delft University of Technology.


 2018-12-07  30m

Spectrum: Goodbye

How artificial intelligence is seeping into peculiar corners of medicine, why we should keep an early eye out for dementia, and DW science's Fabian Schmidt bids farewell to his beloved Scottish Terrier.


 2018-11-23  30m

Spectrum: Your breath smells like emotional tension

Follow us into a darkened German cinema to talk about how the stuff we breathe out when we're watching a movie has implications on the future of film ratings — and on a young field of medicine.


 2018-11-16  30m

Spectrum: Bi bi

Half of young British people say they're bisexually inclined, how to become a Jedi warrior right here on planet Earth, and why China's "artificial moons" might be artificial science.


 2018-11-09  30m

Spectrum: Self-driving carnage

Drive into a child, or swerve and hit two grandparents? Such horrendously difficult choices will soon be programmed into ours cars. Cast your own vote in this moral bloodbath of an episode.


 2018-11-02  30m