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An actual play podcast that takes what it does seriously. Staying focused and on point. Post recording editing to further improve the quality.


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episode 279: 04 - VtM: A Stray Cat Goes Mad

The unexpected guest has unexpected opinions on the Masquerade.  Missy has some second thoughts about heeding her clan's call. --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jack Le Breton Website: jacklebreton.com Twitter & Instagram: @Jack_Le_Breton   Website: https://w...



episode 278: Out of Character #2.05 Video Games

Cotton and Jup talk vidya games. The industry, how it relates to ttrpgs   and Cotton makes a list of his favorites. Hosts: Jupiter Sanders & CottonEdited by: GrafeClanHosted by: Without A Net Podcast Twitter: @OutOfCharPod Contact Email: Jupitersanders20...



episode 276: 03 - VtM: A Day In The Life

Portia "Cocoa" Bellingham.  Twenty-one years old.  Freelance artiste, habitual drug user, and one-hundred percent not dead.  Not a child of the night, but perhaps the right person in the wrong place at the wrong time.     --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jac...



episode 275: 02 - VtM: Cold Storage

Employed by the Harpy, the coterie finds a corpsicle.   They decide to defrost it.   Absolutely nothing could go wrong.     --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jack Le Breton Website: jacklebreton.com Twitter & Instagram: @Jack_Le_Breton   Website: https://www...



episode 277: Out of Character #2.04 - Lawbreaking By Design

Continuing with the themes of previous shows this season, Cotton & Jup design a Shadowrun session around the destruction of a datastore based (loosely) on the deletion of Toy Story 2, showcasing how easy (and hard) planning a job can be.   It might not b...



episode 274: 01 - VtM: Here, There Be Monsters

In which the coterie is introduced: Missy, a street kid eternal, Jimmy, a tribute to the 80's, Art, a Muscovite gargoyle. Here they lie, in a crumbling mall, waiting for night to fall and the dead to rise.   --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jack Le Breton We...



episode 273: Introductions, a little about the show.

Hello everyone!As we are switching to a new system and setting I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to new listeners. Try to set some expectations on what to expect by subscribing and downloading out weekly show.Our website Join our discord



episode 271: Vamprimer, Mechanics with Mathew Dawkins

Hey folks. I sat down with Mathew Dawkins, one of the writers for Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition(v5), to talk about some of the mechanics of V5. Some of the history of the game, and his involvement in it. Here are some links to some of the things tha...


 2021-03-11  1h30m

episode 272: Vamprimer, Lore and setting with Chris the Primogen

I sat down with Chris from the Primogen VTM lore channel to talk about some of the lexicon and how it applies to our city. Here are some links to more of his stuff https://www.youtube.com/c/The_Primogen https://open.spotify.com/show/3vBDunOen55Rb3gQeMYZ...


 2021-03-11  1h53m

episode 270: Out of Character #2.03 - Doing Crimes

The heist.  A genre so popular it's found in science fiction, fantasy, modern fiction, harlequin romances - suffice to say, you can find a heist anywhere you look.  Tabletop gaming should be no different, so join Jup and Cotton while they discuss the all...


 2021-03-05  1h3m