Without A Net Podcast

What happens when a group of unprepared wage slaves finds themselves hurled into the shadowy underbelly of Seattle's criminal elements? That is what we are going to find out.


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episode 223: Without A Net 2020 Fantasy Football: Week 5 Recap

Jup and Oz at it again, bitchin' about games and going agog over the upsets of the week!



episode 222: 50 - Call of Cthulhu: Clean Up on Aisle Three

Bruno's return to Boston and subsequent debriefing leaves Agent Patterson with more questions than answers.  Despite his claim that there are no secrets within the Department of Esoteric Relics and Parchment, a quick search of the team's desks shows that...



episode 221: Out of Character #17: What To Expect When You're Expelling

While the gaming table may or may not be sacrosanct, it's a difficult thing when personality conflicts arise and the state of the game is in question.  Sometimes, the answer to the question of 'what to do?' is for the game master to toss the offender out...



episode 219: 49 - Call of Cthulhu: The Sanest People Here

Speaking of problems brewing in Boston... Phillip and Cookie have returned to the Boston office to interrogate Fionn, who made his play on the drive back from Arkham and failed miserably. Some mysteries are solved under the influence of scopolamine but o...



episode 220: 2020 Without A Net Fantasy Football - Week 4 Recap

Join #4 in the league Jupiter Sanders and Undefeated-At-Losing Oz of the Fightin' Cephalopods as they talk about blowouts, blown calls, and blow-by-blow commentary of the week's upsets and upset managers!



episode 218: 48 - Call of Cthulhu: A Way With Words

Having directed the team to leave him behind, Bruno awaits the arrival of a second squad from Boston.  They take their job seriously. Thus properly supported, Bruno is left to clean up the mess the team left in Arkham.  Little does he know about the prob...



episode 217: 2020 Without A Net Fantasy Football - Week 3 Recap

WELP only one person 0-3 and that's Oz!  Join Oz and Jup and Bamce while they bitch about their poor team choices EXCEPT JUP WON CATAPULTING HER INTO FIFTH PLACE.   UGH. -Oz



episode 216: Out of Character #17: White Hats

The Outlaw with a heart of gold.  The Robin Hood.  The Hitman with a heart.    No matter the dark horse archetype, the white hat is one plenty of players like to wear when their sheet is on the table and it's time to saddle up.  But - what is a White Hat...



episode 214: 47 - Call of Cthulhu: The Luck of the Irish

It ran out. --- Music from "The Great Old Ones And Other Beings" by Graham Plowman, found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyFjXaKiJLk&t=761s Website: https://www.Withoutanetpod.com Discord link https://discord.gg/TbE5Ajc If you like the show, swing b...



episode 215: 2020 Without A Net Fantasy Football - Week 2 Recap

Jup and Oz are still here, still salty, and 0-2 for the season!  FallenSeraph rolls in to gloat on the upsets and blowouts of the second week of the league.