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An actual play podcast that takes what it does seriously. Staying focused and on point. Post recording editing to further improve the quality.


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episode 303: Out of Character #2.13 - GenCon Preparations!

It's nearing that time of the year - convention season!  With the pandemic perhaps not ending but certainly in a lull, the urge to get out and game is high.   Join Out of Character hosts Cotton & Jup as they discuss the does and do nots for tabletop's an...



episode 302: 19 - VtM: This Is The Story Of A Girl

Nothing good ever comes from being locked into a walk-in refrigerator.   Something miraculous, though?  That's different.   --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jack Le Breton Website: jacklebreton.com Twitter & Instagram: @Jack_Le_Breton   Website: https://www....



episode 300: 18 - VtM: Bound to the Beast

Cocoa is settling into a new life, with a new living situation, a new love, and a new career.  Mr. Kelly, however, has a job for her and Ricky - and new developments. --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jack Le Breton Website: jacklebreton.com Twitter & Instagr...



episode 301: Out of Character 2.12 - Running Horror Games

Cotton & Jup discuss what's needed to run a good horror game.   -- Hosts: Jupiter Sanders & CottonEdited by: GrafeClanHosted by: Without A Net Podcast Twitter: @OutOfCharPod Contact Email: Jupitersanders2078@gmail.comCopyright: Out of Character, 2020-202...



episode 299: 17 - VtM: Dog Days

The search for Bradley Kelly continues.  While Missy favors enterprise over espionage, Art finds a lead and runs it down to its surprising end.   It isn't often that you celebrate birthdays in Kindred society.   --- Intro & Outtro Music by: Jack Le Breto...



episode 298: 16 - VtM: Vampires Aren't Real, Man

Trustifarian party girl Cocoa refuses to consider that the supernatural exist.  Bradley Kelly, Kindred of the Ventrue would beg to differ, and tells her as much.  It's hard to argue vampires don't exist when you're slathered in their delicious vitae.  A ...



episode 296: Out of Character #2.11 - Evil Campaigns

The Legion of Doom, the Yellow Lantern Corps, the Red Lantern Corps, th-well, you get it.  Evil's got an allure all its own and sometimes at the table you just want to be bad at being good.  But intentionally. Listen in with Out of Character hosts Cotton...



episode 297: 15 - VtM: My Time at Portia's

Hangovers the morning after are the worst.  Except, apparently, when you get fed upon.  Portia "Cocoa" Bellingham is learning that she might be stepping into something she didn't expect.   Sure, there's a chance of fat stacks of cash, but this suave and ...



episode 295: 14 - VtM: Camarilla Problems

Fresh from fisticuffs at the club, the coterie plus a Malkavian troublemaker set out to take care of the usual Kindred duties, as well as set up a hunt for a missing Bradley Kelly - childe of Steven Cohen. Cohen, to his credit, knows what the coterie did...


 2021-06-17  1h17m

episode 294: Out of Character #2.10 - Table Manners

Not just for eating and elbows on the table, manners maketh the considerate gamer. Join Cotton and Jup as they talk about their top pet peeves regarding etiquette at the table - do's, don'ts, and what-the-hell-man's. When the kneejerk reaction is to bott...


 2021-06-11  1h4m