Wolves Wired

Wolves Wired is a weekly dive into the world of the Minnesota Timberwolves and the NBA. Your hosts and guides are Zach Bennett (Cold Omaha) and Tim Falkis (Sporting News, A Wolf Among Wolves). They're basically the KG and Starbury of the Wolves writing world. Part of the Cold Omaha Podcast Network © Dinkytown Media LLC (2014-2015)




      Ep. 117: Bad Losses and Good Wins

      Tim, Dane and David discuss the Wolves' most recent loss to the Orlando Magic and what this set of bad losses might mean in the grand scheme of things. They also discuss upcoming matchups with Houston and Toronto, the NBA G League, and Marvel...



      Ep. 116: The Zach podcast with Zach Harper

      Tim Faklis, Zach Bennett (1), Dane Moore and David Naylor are joined by FanRag NBA and A Wolf Among Wolves writer Zach Harper (2) to talk about Zach LaVine's return (3), Karl-Anthony Towns' defensive improvement, and the Timberwolves season as a...



      Ep. 115: Wolves Heat Up in Cold January

      Tim Faklis and Zach Bennett talk about the Wolves' big home wins over the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder, dive into some written content on Zone Coverage by the absent Dane Moore and David Naylor, and some upcoming jottings from Tim. 



      Ep. 114: Talking Jimmy Butler and More with Kevin O'Connor

      Tim Faklis and Dane Moore chat with Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer to discuss his article on Jimmy Butler, the development of Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, and the long-term ceiling of the Timberwolves.



      Ep. 113: Who are the Wolves 50/40/80 Players?

      Tim Faklis, Dane Moore, David Naylor and Tom Schreier open with a little trivia: The Minnesota Timberwolves have two of the league's 50/40/80 players. Who are they? Then they dive into KAT's big game against Boston, what Marcus Georges-Hunt's role is...



      Ep. 112: The Crew is Back Together (and Dave Benz is Trapped in New York)

      Tim Faklis, Zach Bennett, Dane Moore, David Naylor and Tom Schreier return to the studio following a festive holiday break, and things get a bit... spicy! After a lively opening dialogue, the guys are joined by Dave Benz (15:00), who is trapped in New...



      Ep. 111: Talking Big Picture with Britt Robson and Andy Grimsrud

      Tim, Dane and Zach are joined by Britt Robson (The Athletic) and Andy Grimsrud (A Wolf Among Wolves) to talk about the first half of the season as a whole. 



      Ep. 110: Holidays, Narratives and Victories

      Tim and Zach meet up at Tim's apartment to talk about the win over the Denver Nuggets. They also dive into the fan reaction to the start of the season, and eventually discuss the Zone Coverage Timberwolves Holiday Roundtable. 



      Ep. 109: Struggles, Injuries, and the Future with Lucas Seehafer

      The guys are joined by Lucas Seehafer (Zone Coverage, A Wolf Among Wolves), and discuss Saturday's loss to the Phoenix Suns. They also dive into the upcoming schedule, discuss Andrew Wiggins' shooting struggles, and Jimmy Butler's apparent back...



      Ep. 108: The one where Zach is finally producing again

      Tim, Zach, Dane, and David discuss the Timberwolves overtime loss to the 76ers, discuss Dane's feature on Zone Coverage, and get into what positions really mean in the modern NBA.