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Helping women move from confused, overwhelmed and overrun by their health towards understanding, confidence and wellness. The mission of Women's Health Unplugged is to educate and empower women across all generations how to advocate for themselves in their healthcare and how to support themselves through better health education. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Jordan Robertson, Naturopathic Doctor and Women's Health Author.


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episode 162: Policy change in your household. Top down versus bottom up.

I was inspired by conversations I have seen in academic spaces I belong to about where “responsibility” lies in health change.  Does it lie with the individual (bottom up) or with the government (top down)?  As I was listening to this...



episode 161: How your pain gets in your head. Central sensitization and the development of chronic pain.

I’ve always been fascinated by pain. We can’t see it. We can’t measure it with a test.  And in a medical world where we barely listen to the patient experience - this presents a big problem.  The other problem with pain (well, one of...



episode 160: Sleeping beauty or Daytime Beast? Real solutions for your crappy sleep.

For today’s podcast episode, I was joined by Dr. Shelby Harris, a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist supporting women to overcome insomnia with cognitive behavioural therapy. We discuss her book, A Woman’s Guide to Insomnia, and the unique...



episode 159: Is your menstrual cycle weird or fine? Let’s find out.

It’s been a few years since our podcast on heavy menstrual bleeding (October 2020) and we have had a slew of questions from Instagram followers (follow if you don’t already) about “is my period normal”. So here we go! In today’s podcast, we...



episode 158: Has your body weight or shape affected the quality of your health care? Probably.

In today's episode, we tackle weight bias and stigma head-on with a guest Dr. Sylvi Martin, a Naturopathic Doctor, registered nurse psychotherapist, certified intuitive eating counsellor, and mindfulness-based eating awareness training (MB-EAT)...


 2023-01-05  52m

episode 157: The problems with anecdotes. How someone else's story can lead you astray.

Have you ever read the reviews of a restaurant that you love and thought “well that person is probably mean, that’s why they rated it a one-star”.    Or have you ever sat in a cold doctor’s office and thought “This person has...


 2022-12-29  35m

episode 156: If you’ve ever had a kid, your brain needs this episode.

I can distinctly remember whispering to my therapist that I didn’t really like what had happened to me after becoming a parent.  I honestly couldn’t tell if it was my physiology that was failing me, society or my perception of what parenthood...


 2022-12-22  51m

episode 155: Ready to Un-Diet? Us Too.

Does un-dieting mean throwing in the towel and giving up on life? Absolutely not.  Today I’m joined by my friend and colleague (for a second time) Dr. Jennifer Huber, a Canadian Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Dietician and Intuitive Eating...


 2022-12-15  49m

episode 154: Are you okay ignoring your cramps? I’m not, and here’s why.

The research on chronic pelvic pain in women should be changing the way we think about menstrual cramps, and today’s episode will help you question your own cramps, think about possible diagnoses that could be contributing to your cramps (like...


 2022-12-08  41m

episode 153: Your Neurological Reserve and How to Protect It

The concept of Neurological Reserve is probably new to you, but to Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Pamela Hutchinson, who works with patients with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and MS, she is acutely aware of how important neurological...


 2022-12-01  1h2m