Woodland Secrets

The personal talk show of merritt k, featuring artists, authors, and just plain interesting people. Get cozy.


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164: Kris Mukai

Artist Kris Mukai joins merritt to talk scrambled eggs, rapping chickens, and sick orbs.


 2018-09-16  57m

163b: Winter Lake [EXCERPT]

Artist Winter Lake joins merritt to talk tastemasters, fantasy dads, and bone problems.


 2018-09-15  1m

163: Maddie Holden

Writer Maddie Holden joins merritt to talk dick pics, seeing America, and legal eagles.


 2018-09-10  57m

162: Lisa Hanawalt

Producer and illustrator Lisa Hanawalt joins merritt to talk trickster figures, Ninja Turtles, and horse girls.


 2018-09-02  58m

161b: Greg Erskine [EXCERPT]

Puppeteer and podcaster Greg Erskine joins merritt to talk Canadian healthcare, the metric system, and child crimes. Also, the return of BevCheck and the birth of RA Update.


 2018-08-29  2m

161: Patrick Monahan

Comedian and writer Patrick Monahan joins merritt to talk socking dingers, internet rumours, and Mrs. Doubtfire revisionism. Also, BevCheck and Cracking Packs.


 2018-08-26  1h21m

160: Jacq the Stripper

Writer, comedian, stripper and illustrator Jacq the Stripper joins merritt to talk AC, Canadian toothpaste, and discovering your magic.


 2018-08-19  1h6m

159: Miles Klee

Author Miles Klee joins merritt to talk legal weed, international chips, and bone law.


 2018-08-11  1h1m

158: Whitney Reynolds

Podcaster and noodle purist Whitney Reynolds joins merritt to talk Highlander, boxed wine, and playing with fire.


 2018-08-04  57m

157b: Patrick Gill [EXCERPT]

Video product Patrick Gill joins merritt to talk Stan Lee, cyberpunk, and MTV cartoons.


 2018-08-03  n/a