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Tim Bradstreet Covers It All pt 1

Today Word Balloon's host John Siuntres sits down for a chat with artist Tim Bradstreet, who breaks down his style of art, and answers the fans who think light box artists are just "tracers". They also talk about his years of covers...


 2007-06-06  1h6m

Geoff Johns After The Grind

With stories like infinite crisis and 52,Comic Book writer Geoff Johns has been one of the guiding voices of the entire DC universe. Now past his involvement in the wide ranging crossover events, Geoff can focus on his personal monthly...


 2007-05-31  57m

ep 58 Ed Brubaker : Cap Is Dead...Now What?

Marvel Comics Writer Ed Brubaker checks in with a look at what happens next after the death of capt america, we'll talk about the media hype that followed the event, plus we discuss Ed's current runs on The Uncanny Xmen, his collaboration on The...


 2007-05-22  1h29m

HEROES-Jesse Alexander unlocks the mysteries

HEROES-Jesse Alexander unlocks the mysteries


 2007-05-15  1h12m

Geof Darrow From Hard Boiled Action to Shaolin Serenity

From Aug 2004, The acclaimed comic artist discusses his longtime colaborations with the Wachowski's in comics, and film. We talk about the conceptual art behind THE MATRIX, his creations for The Wachowski's comic book imprint Burlyman Entertainment,...


 2007-05-14  59m

The Greg Rucka Debrief 07 Part 3

It's time for the final rucka debrief.  We'll take a tour of Greg's favorite pop cultural refernces Which range from the literaray masters of espionage fiction, to Rick and AJ in Simon and Simon. Greg also teases more info about his...


 2007-05-02  52m

Brad Meltzer Lightning Strikes

In This episode of Wordballoon, we talk with writer Brad Meltzer about The Lightning Saga, the current JLA JSA Legion Of Superheroes Team Up, co written with Geoff Johns. Meltzer also discusses the paperback release of his 2006 best selling...


 2007-04-26  1h3m

The Greg Rucka 07 Debrief Part 2

The conversation continues, as the DC writer answers more fan questions about his characters and stories . You'll learn more about "52", passing the hero mantle of THE QUESTION, film news on WHITEOUT, and why isn't DC considering a new LOIS...


 2007-04-24  1h5m

The Greg Rucka Debrief - 2007 Edition pt 1

In this first part of the Rucka debrief , you'll get writing tips from greg, information about the upcomming Checkmate/Outsiders Crossover from DC comics , details on the future plans for greg's British spy series from Oni Press Queen and Country, and...


 2007-04-18  1h3m

ep 51 Matt Fraction's War Journal

Marvel writer Matt fraction checks in with comments on his new issue of Punisher War Journal.Frank Castle has seemingly picked up the mantle of Capt America, and will carry on the tradition as he sees it. Matt tells us what it all means, plus we'll...


 2007-04-12  1h8m