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1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres


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Ep 50 Spittin Venom With David Michelinie

The spider-man film is less than a month away, and we check in with venom's creator. David tells us what it was like to enter the business and create such memorable charcters as Venom, Carnage, Jim Rhodes, and Claw the unconqueroed. We cover his runs...


 2007-04-06  49m

Ep 49 Drew Friedman And The Original Kings Of Comedy

an audio tour of the indie master artist's latest book, Old Jewish Comedians, from Fantagraphics. We talk about the careers of Jerry Lewis  Bud Abbott, and Milton Berle and the lesser lights like Benny Rubin, Herbie Faye, and Mousie...


 2007-03-28  34m

ep 48 Steve Niles Terrifying Tales

Steve Niles made his mark in comics when he formed his own publishing company called Arcane Comix, where he published, edited and adapted several comics and anthologies for Eclipse Comics. His adaptations have included works by Clive Barker, Richard...


 2007-03-23  55m

ep 47 Flying With Jeph Loeb pt 2

Wordballoon, in association with newsarama.com presents part 2, as we wrap things up with the writer of many Marvel Comics and  The Co-Executive Producer of NBC's Heroes. We discuss the Buffy Season 8 comic book from dark Horse and jeph's...


 2007-03-19  1h11m

ep 46 Flying Buisness Class, With Jeph Loeb Pt1

In our first WB conversation, Jeph and I spoke on his car phone, while he made his daily commute from his home to the studios of LOST . The travelouge nature of our talks continue in this chat which starts in the cabride from Wonder-Con, To The SF...


 2007-03-15  45m

ep 45 The Bendis Tapes FEB 07 part 3

We wrap up our talk with Brian Bendis. see How mnay hidden double meanings there are in some of his answers, givien the recent events in the Marvel Universe and their impact on the two Avengers teams....


 2007-03-12  2h16m

ep 44 The Bendis Tapes FEB 07 part 2

Part 2 of our marathon conversation continues, with comments about the philosophy behind comic book events, more backgorund of Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers books, and lots more!


 2007-03-05  1h53m

ep 43 The Bendis Tapes FEB 07 part 1

The Great Thing about having these marathon conversations with Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis is the amount of plot hints, character studies, and project updates for his books and films in production. Aspiring comic book makers will learn a...


 2007-02-27  2h5m

ep 42 The Bendis Tapes -Post NYCC Special Edition

Wordballoon.com, Instocktrades.com, and Newsarama present a special post NYCC podcast, featuring WB host John Siuntres interviewing Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, with his exclusive comments on the projects announced at this weekend's...


 2007-02-26  20m

ep 41 Jay Faerber's Nobelest Causes

As comic book readers get older, some may tire of the safety rules superhero stories have when published by the big two DC and Marvel Comics. Writer Jay Faerber has written for the big two on titles like DC's Teen Titans and Marvel's the New...


 2007-02-19  42m