Word On the Street

Hosted by theZim & Arock, they take a non exclusive look at the culture of the Seattle and NW music scene. Get a past and present look from the perspective of musicians, bookers, club owners, fans and more.


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WOTS Version 8 with John Devos

This week on Word On the Street we got John Devos Local area Drummer for Funeral Age, Mesmur and Dalla Nebbia.  We talked about the Seattle Metal scene and got to know Jon and his music! Join the conversation on Facebook. Facebook.com/wordonthestreet


 2015-03-21  1h24m

WOTS Version 7 with Adrian and Melissa Braxton

This week on the podcast we have Adrian and Melissa Braxton.  We get to know them and their bands The Braxmatics and Smoke and Honey. We get to see how they worked toward and achieved their musical goals and what's next! Join the conversation at face


 2015-03-21  1h27m

WOTS Version 5 - WOTS Radio

This week on the WOTS podcast it's a little different.  We put together our first WOTS Radio version.  I (theZim) picked 10 songs that I listen to on the regular and put a WOTS radio show together for you.  I tell stories and play music of


 2015-03-21  1h10m

WOTS Version 4 with Deven Morgan

We sat down with Deven Morgan, fan and advocate for the local hip-hop scene, most notably Tribal Productions. We talk about the landscape of local hip-hop and Deven's definitions of the three waves of local hip-hop.  Plus we talk behind the scenes of


 2015-03-21  1h32m

WOTS Version 3. with Bucket of Honey

We get to know Nate B. and Annie J. of Bucket of Honey.  They tell us about their experiences as a band, how they formed, using Kickstarter, Bushwick Book Club, Seattle Rock Orchestra, and more. Please subscribe rate and review this podcast on iTunes


 2015-03-21  1h19m

WOTS Version 2 with Toby Brady of Lost Dogma

Posted version 2 of the Word On the Street Podcast. This time we had Toby C. Brady of LOST DOGMA and Dandilyon Soup . We had a great conversation getting to know Toby and his experience in the Seattle music scene. Please subscribe rate and review this pod


 2015-03-21  1h18m

WOTS Version 1 with Jeremy Fourstring

Version 1 with Jeremy Fourstring of Two Headed Crow! This is the first full version of the podcast.  It was great to get to know Jeremy and glad he let us use him as our guinea pig. Please subscribe rate and review this podcast and join the conversat


 2015-03-21  1h14m

Word On the Street Primer

This is a test this is only a test hope you enjoy this test of the WOTS podcast! Please subscribe rate and review this podcast and join the conversation on facebook.com/wordonthestreetpodcast Thanks!


 2015-03-21  9m

WOTS Version 16 with Dirty Dirty

Check it out we got Ian Forrester and Ian Harper of Dirty Dirty on the podcast today! It was awesome getting to know these guys! We talk about their music, playing Nirvana covers, their upcoming EP release, making video's and so much more! Enjoy! Join the


 2015-03-19  1h18m

WOTS Version 15 with Tim Stiles of Passion Party

Today we talked to Tim Stiles of Passion Party.  We got to know him and his music.  We talked about his style of Hip Hop, how he got started playing music, his experience with the Seattle Art Institute and more! Tim and his band Passion Party wi


 2015-03-12  1h28m