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WorldLink: WorldLink: Peace, prayer – and conflict

This week we talk to Turks about the growing Islamization of their country, and report on tensions at German universities over Muslim prayer rooms. In Lebanon we hear how the Virgin Mary has brought members of different faiths together. Plus, a victim of extraordinary rendition tells his story, and how French chanteuse Louane is seducing fans across the border in Germany.


 2016-05-28  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Escalation

On this week's programme: The shocking case of a German teenager who was beaten to death on the street simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We’ll also be talking to a German criminologist about violent youth crime statistics and trends. Plus, Venezuela in turmoil – why thousands of people are taking to the streets in their bid to bring down the government.


 2016-05-21  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Crooks, crime and corruption

This week: Falling foul of the law, from the corruption scandals tearing apart Brazil's government to the gangs that plague Central America, via modern-day pirates off the West African coast. In the US we speak to a writer who found his voice serving a 21-year sentence for drug dealing. Plus, the 92-year-old Eurovision veteran celebrating 60 years since she won the competition.


 2016-05-14  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Out of context

On this week's show: A closer look at the rise in hyper-nationalism in India. We hear from student leader Kanhaiya Kumar and DW's Isha Bhatia about what the trend means for freedom of speech and minorities. Plus, Iraq's persecuted Yazidis find refuge in Georgia, musings from German poet Julia Trompeter, and the quirky museum giving a home to relics of love lost.


 2016-05-07  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Fallout

This week on the show: Chernobyl tourism is on the rise, a British woman is taking care of Chernobyl children, Nigerian fishermen are suing multinational oil companies, and why Vietnam’s victims of Agent Orange shouldn't be forgotten, plus the Holocaust survivors living below the poverty line in Israel.


 2016-04-30  55m


On this week's show: As the United Nations rethinks its global anti-drugs strategy for the first time in two decades, we take a closer look at why the war on drugs is failing. Plus, how will the impeachment proceedings launched against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff play out in the long run and France's new Nuit Debout protest movement.


 2016-04-23  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: The last laugh

On this week's show: An in-depth look at how and why a German comedian caused a diplomatic uproar by reciting a poem about the Turkish president. Plus, why a Canadian mother had to confront a PKK commander in the fight for her children, the sacrifices made by opponents of a US gas pipeline expansion and the real story behind Oscar-winning short film "Bear Story."


 2016-04-16  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: The big scoop

On this week's show: How the Panama Papers, dubbed the biggest data leak in history, are sending ripples around the world. We meet journalist Can Dundar on trial in Turkey. Plus, what is it like living with diabetes? And, the extraordinary life of Hungarian Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize-winning author Imre Keresz.


 2016-04-09  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Broken families

Political chaos is leading many Brazilians to pick sides, even within their own families. We examine the psychology behind siblings committing terror attacks and the struggles facing minorities in Pakistan. Plus, can a hashtag help end decades of regional rivalry?


 2016-04-02  54m

WorldLink: [WorldLink]

On this week's programme: Terror at the heart of Europe. We bring you reactions to the Brussels bombings that left over 30 people dead and hundreds injured. Plus, the troubled past of the notorious Colonia Dignidad community in Chile, the Italian man who’s bringing back to life the birthplace of Jesus, and the new project of American Jazz musician and Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding.


 2016-03-26  54m