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WorldLink: WorldLink: The populist threat

This week on the show: A first half special on populism and the fallout from German state elections, including a profile of the surging anti-immigration AfD party and its leader Frauke Petry. Plus, the Syrian refugees who are getting a warm welcome at a Canadian ice rink, and the black American rapper and DJ who, after converting to Islam, converted to Judaism and now lives Israel.


 2016-03-19  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: My business

This week on the show: the young Iraqi who's launched his own mini-market inside Idomeni's refugee camp, and the fashion startup helping Syrian seamstresses integrate in Germany. Plus, how much is your data worth? One US artist is defying tech giants by registering herself as a company and putting a price on her personal data.


 2016-03-12  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Serving up controversy

On this week's show, his German roots have become a topic of discussion, so what do Germans make of US presidential candidate Donald Trump? We visit Tehran to gauge the mood of young people following elections which saw gains for allies of President Hassan Rouhani and a dinnertime discussion about Iran's political situation.


 2016-03-05  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Uncertain future

On this week's show, we take a closer look at what Britain potentially leaving the EU would mean for Germany. We'll also hear how British expats in Berlin feel about the prospect of a Brexit. Plus, journalists facing death threats in Ireland, the Syrian activist on Islamic State's hit list, and the young Iraqi refugee with a talent for painting.


 2016-02-27  55m

WorldLink: Inconvenient truths

On this week’s show we’ll hear from a Syrian cross-border sound engineer who is determined to help his people, a Crimean Tatar activist who will not be cowed by Putin, Malawi's Zomba Prison Band, who was nominated for a Grammy Award, and an activist who having lost her cousin and aunt is campaigning for Canada’s missing indigenous women.


 2016-02-20  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: February 13, 2016

On this week's show: With world leaders gathering to negotiate peace in Syria, refugees continue to run - Dancing in Denmark dancing to ease the refugee crisis - The personal interaction between refugees and the people working at a German camp - What's it like to be a black student at Yale? - India's social activist who's campaigning with her voice.


 2016-02-13  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: a multifarious bag of fears

On this week's show: The face of Brazil's Zika outbreak - Fear and Karneval in Germany - The Brits are laughing about Merkel - Oxford and Princeton face charges of institutional racism - South Korea's first ever plus size model - And the hotdog vendor who wants to be a senator.


 2016-02-06  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Light in the dark

On this week's show: A closer look at the plight of the Yazidis - How Syrian refugees are ending up in South Korea - Why British volunteers are crossing the Channel to help refugees - German mentors help refugee students at school - We meet Australia's MLK -And the largest bottle cap mural in South America.


 2016-01-30  54m

WorldLink: Checks and balances

As the world's elite meet in Davos, Europe's migration crisis looms large. Plus, how to integrate refugees into Germany's workforce. We visit the swimming pool which shut out male refugees after harassment complaints.


 2016-01-23  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Backlash

On this week's show we look in-depth into the backlash from the Cologne attacks. Plus, the bishops advocating for Iraqi Christians, an orthodox Jewish comedian, and the author whose Arab-Jewish love story was banned.


 2016-01-16  55m