Worse Than Fiction Podcast

An ambitious True Horrorchestration with cinematic elements. Stories of True Crime, Natural disasters and more, told in often graphic detail by a single narrator, with music chosen or composed with particular atmospheres and moods in mind. This podcast is not for everyone, as I spare no details. The stories you hear from me, will certainly be Worse Than Fiction.


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London After Midnight Part 2

This is the second part of London After Midnight. This episode delves a bit more into the victim who appeared toward the end of the first part, as well as the details of what happened to the second victim of this fucking monster. It also introduces a...


 2020-08-24  33m

Tapes From The Darkside

What motive could a father have for hurting his own son? What dark secret is Mark Redwine hiding? Season 1 investigates the curious case of a missing thirteen year old boy and the father suspected of murder. TAPES FROM THE DARKSIDE. Listen here:...


 2020-08-03  5m

London After Midnight Part 1

In late 1940, Nazi bomber squadrons became the clouds in the sky over London, and the surrounding cities and ports. As terror rained from the sky during World War 2, one of Britain's own, could no longer keep his thirst for blood at bay.  ...


 2020-08-01  46m

July 2020 Update

Just a quick update episode to share some news with all of you amazing...


 2020-07-12  7m

The House Across the Street

In 1996, young mother Tina Mott went missing in the city of Hamilton, OH. No one knew or heard anything, not even her boyfriend Tim Bradford. An unexpected discovery by two young boys, left her family and neighbors stunned and heartbroken. The truth...


 2020-06-21  48m

Reflecting On: Episode 3

Another Uncut, Unedited rant by yours truly, where I critique my own work in a merciless...


 2020-04-12  9m

A Big Man Called Tiny

A large man called Tiny goes on a murderous rampage that may have claimed 10 or more people's lives. Among his confessions, are sickening admissions of feeding human flesh to an unsuspecting public... New spinoff podcast, Worse Than Fiction Unsolved:...


 2020-03-30  37m

Reflecting On: Episode 2 & Other Matters

This is the second minisode, where I sit down with a few notes about stuff I want to ramble about. Technical issues, fumbles, the future of the podcast....all that good...


 2020-03-01  14m

My Baby

In the small state of Delaware in 1987, a 36 year old woman was yearning for something she wasn't able to have. She was willing to do anything to achieve her goal. CORRECTIONS: A couple of mistakes have been brought to my attention. Delaware is not...


 2020-02-25  34m

Reflecting On: Episode 1

This "mini-sode" is something I want to try as kind of an after show. It's me offloading some of my thoughts, without a script. Just me, a microphone, and maybe a beer or glass of wine. You get to hear all of my "uhhs", "you knows" and...


 2020-02-16  12m