Worst Friends Forever

A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)


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Episode 21 - Wet Hot American Summer: "It Was Like a Warm, Loving Hug"

This episode is all about Wet Hot American Summer--the movie and the miniseries! Join us as we talk about Wet Hot American Summer and the age of the reboot. 


 2015-08-27  1h2m

Quickshot: "We Were Named After Nothing"

In an episode recorded, like, 2 months ago, the Emilys discuss sharing a name with your best friend. Also we briefly talk about our school district and education reform. 


 2015-08-25  24m

Episode 20 - Books We Loved as Kids: "Getting Here Was Ethically Questionable"

Episode 20 is all about books! Specifically, books we loved as kids, how books impact you when you're a kid and how you feel about them as an adult. We take a few tangents along the way as well...


 2015-08-20  1h4m

Episode 19 - #JonVoyage: “How Did This Episode Come to This?”

This week we talk about Jon Stewart's final show, fake news and late night finales!


 2015-08-13  58m

Episode 18 - Lollapalooza: "If People Would Just Be Normal..."

Our Lollapalooza special episode! We talk about the festival, highs and lows, music shaming, and Paul McCartney. Plus we welcome our first-ever guests!!


 2015-08-06  1h7m

Episode 17 - Trainwreck: "Only An Idiot Wouldn't Want Bill Hader"

Episode 17 is all about Amy Schumer's Trainwreck! We talk about the movie, Emily recounts her ICEE struggles and we express our love for Bill Hader. 


 2015-07-30  1h5m

Episode 16 - A Ranking of the Men of Gilmore Girls: "We Have A Problem"

Yup. This week we're ranking ALL of the male characters of one of our favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. An special long episode...because we just had to let it out.


 2015-07-23  1h34m

Episode 15 - Romance: "Communicate Your Feelings and Take Us on Dates"

Episode 15 is all about modern romance and dating. We're talking about facebook stalking exes, casual relationships and our ideas for great dates!


 2015-07-16  59m

Episode 14 - Harry Potter: "Who Would Name Their Child After Snape?"

This week we're talking about Severus Snape! We debate if he's evil or misunderstood, and if people sympathize with him too much. And if Harry really should have names one of his kids after him.


 2015-07-09  57m

Episode 13 - The West Wing: "Bartlet's a Badass"

This week we're discussing The West Wing! We rank our Top 10 favorite episodes and debate the merits of each.  Also we discuss how it's possible Martin Sheen didn't win an Emmy for this show.


 2015-07-02  1h10m