Worst Friends Forever

A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)


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Episode 13 - The West Wing: "Bartlet's a Badass"

This week we're discussing The West Wing! We rank our Top 10 favorite episodes and debate the merits of each.  Also we discuss how it's possible Martin Sheen didn't win an Emmy for this show.


 2015-07-02  1h10m

Episode 12 - School vs. Life: “The Job...Market...Force...Thing”

This episode we're talking about Grad School vs. Real Life, the pros and cons of each and why we made the choices we did. It's super interesting and informative. 


 2015-06-25  n/a

Quickshot: "This Is Why We Don't Include Other People"

It's Quickshot episode 2! Taylor and Emily K. are in the same place and talking about life, and how their early 20's stack up to what they imagined when they were kids. 


 2015-06-22  25m

Episode 11 - Jurassic World: "Why Are They Doing This To Me?"

This week it's all about Jurassic World! We talk about raptors, running in heels, the importance of saving your margaritas, and tell a classic story from our friendship. 


 2015-06-18  1h6m

Episode 10 - The Katniss Generation: "Being a Teenager Kind of Sucks"

In this episode Emily, Emily, and Taylor discuss the "Katniss Generation" and what they care about. They talk about being a teenage girl, the anxieties that come with that and how the world around us impacts being a teenager. 


 2015-06-11  1h6m

Episode 9 - The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: "I Think It's Safe to Say We All Like Pride & Prejudice"

This week it's all about one of our favorite Pride and Prejudice adaptations, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. We talk about the show, transmedia, storytelling and our favorite Mr. Darcy. 


 2015-06-04  1h14m

Quickshot: “Don’t You Dare Reference That!”

In our first bonus episode (in celebration of 100 facebook likes!) we each subject each other to some quizzes and questionaires. Listen in as we discuss everything from what movies we want to see to our least favorite fictional character. 


 2015-06-01  41m

Episode 8 - House of Cards: “I Don’t Usually Go For Weird, Manipulative Thugs”

This is episode we're discussing the first of our listener-suggested topics: House of Cards! Beware: MAJOR SPOILERS for everything up to (and including) the first episode of season 2. There also some talk about passion being sexy and Emily's...


 2015-05-28  1h0m

Episode 7 - Grace & Frankie: "You Can't Do Me Like That, Netflix"

This week on WFF we're discussing the new Netflix Original Series Grace & Frankie! Listen in as we talk about the portrayal of LGBT issues, our love of Jane Fonda, and our plans to marry each other. 


 2015-05-21  1h6m

Episode 6 - Gilmore Girls: "You Can't Count on Rory Gilmore"

This week we're talking all about Gilmore Girls! Specifically, Rory Gilmore and her female friends...if she has any...


 2015-05-14  55m