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Worst Millennials is a podcast that focuses on Generation Y's perspective of various societal topics...if only they could get off their damn phones. This show is proudly hosted by The Podbros Network! http://www.podbros.com


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Game Night

This episode is very special for me as it marks the first official appearance of my girlfriend Paige. Paige and I met about two years ago. We were actually forced to talk to each other because we worked together and she was new. All of the new people hav


 2019-11-22  37m

Millennial Philosophers

My life has certainly changed a lot this year. I turned 30. I started dating a wonderful woman and we adopted a dog. I started a new job. Hell, I even drink less. I guess you could say being the Dog Dad of The Year has given me a new perspective on life.


 2019-08-08  48m

Whole Foods Terminator

Worst Millennials is back after an incredibly long hiatus! Nothing gets listeners more excited for the return of their favorite podcast by giving them an episode you’ve had in the can for over a month! John (The owner of Podbros Network), Jeff (Dam


 2019-06-20  30m

Episode 107: Gambling on The Grammys

You can gamble on almost anything. If you’re a degenerate like us, you’ll gamble on the Grammys, the first person to die on Game of Thrones, and celebrity death pool matchups. Demi Lovato’s a -130 favorite in her matchup with Artie Lang


 2019-02-11  44m

Episode 106: Talking Heads

Happy holidays from Worst Millennials! Kaz and Damon talk about Stephen A. Smith’s comical mistake on ESPN, Christmas, and finance.


 2018-12-24  29m

Episode 105: Brendan Dassey Won’t Be Attending Wrestlemania

It’s been a few weeks since the last episode of Worst  Millennials. Last time you heard from us, Kaz and I were talking about Halloween (2018). Lino was there, too. This week, we pick up where we left off by talking about Netflix’s Making a M


 2018-12-07  36m

Episode 104: Halloween 2018 Review

Nothing says timely like doing a review of the newest Halloween film several weeks after it was released! We hope you enjoy our review of the film. And yes, it does contain spoilers for those that haven’t seen the film yet. Don’t worry though


 2018-11-06  31m

Episode 103: The Singularity (and Looking)

Murdered by My Toshiba The technological singularity is a concept first discussed in the 2005 non-fiction book The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil. The technological singularity is a concept that “that the invention of artificial superintellige


 2018-09-27  31m

Episode 102: Star Wars (and Superhero Stuff)

We’re finally caught up with uploading all of the content recorded from June to August. Please, hold your applause until the end.  On this episode, we talked about Charlie Sheen’s financial problems and his relationship with Bree Olson, super


 2018-08-30  42m

Episode 101: Who the Hell is Getting into Heaven?

This week on Worst Millennials, Damon, Kaz, and John talk about the sexual exploits of the Spartans, politics from the 1990s, and the criteria required to get into Heaven. We certainly know how to keep things relevant on this podcast…


 2018-08-30  29m