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Wrong Reel is a podcast for hardcore cinephiles where we tackle everything from Jean-Luc Godard to Jean-Luc Picard. Created by James Hancock and Mikhail Karadimov.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h48m. Bisher sind 130 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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WR537 - Two Caesars Look Back at 'I, Claudius'

It is a tale of two Caesars as we unite Bill Scurry (co-host of the ‘I Don’t Get It‘ podcast) and Victor H. Rodriguez (‘The Sound of Fear’) to discuss the brilliant TV mini-series adaptation of Robert Graves's classic novel, 'I, Claudius'...



WR536 - Scored to Death 2 with J. Blake Fichera

J. Blake Fichera returns to the show to discuss his new book 'Scored to Death 2: More Conversations with Some of Horror's Greatest Composers'. Buy 'Scored to Death 2' on Amazon: Follow J. Blake Fichera: Follow James Hancock on Twitter:  Wrong...



WR535 - Wrong Reel Christmas Special with James Joyce and John Huston

Simon O’Neill returns for a special holiday treat as we discuss John Huston's final film, his adaptation of James Joyce's classic short story 'The Dead'. Follow Simon O’Neill on Twitter:  Simon O’Neill’s Official Site:  Follow James...



WR534 - Mamoru Oshii Double Feature with Benjamin Hinz

Animator Benjamin Hinz ('Dead Astronaut') joins us for the first time for a special double feature celebrating the work of Mamoru Oshii. Follow Benjamin Hinz: 'Dead Astronaut': Follow James Hancock on Twitter:  Wrong Reel Merchandise: 


 2020-12-18  1h33m

WR533 - Graham Greene - Part I with Robert O'Meara

Robert O’Meara (, ) returns to the show for a deep dive into the many film adaptations of the work of author Graham Greene. Follow Robert O’Meara:  Follow DFM Collective:  Follow James Hancock on Twitter:  Wrong Reel...


 2020-12-15  3h0m

WR532 - Talking 'The Last of the Mohicans' with Danieli Bolelli

For this special episode we roll out the red carpet for one of my podcasting heroes, the host of , for a discussion of Michael Mann's epic film 'The Last of the Mohicans' (1992). Follow Daniele Bolelli on Twitter: Subscribe to History on Fire: ...


 2020-12-06  1h22m

WR531 - The Two-Fisted Storytelling of Budd Schulberg

Filmmaker Simon O'Neill returns to discuss the astonishing career of Budd Schulberg, an author who was a member of that rare breed of storytellers that managed to conquer both the world of fiction as well as flicks. Follow Simon O'Neill on Twitter: ...


 2020-12-04  3h6m

WR530 - "We Need to Get Bigger Guns. BIG F**CKING GUNS!"

Martin Kessler ( is back in action showering some love and praise on the often maligned sci-fi cult classic 'Split Second' (1992) Follow Martin Kessler on Twitter:  Follow James Hancock on Twitter:  Wrong Reel Merchandise: 


 2020-11-30  1h29m

WR529 - Django's Bastards

The international success of Sergio Corbucci's 'Django' (1966) spawned 85 unofficial sequels and rip-offs. David Lambert returns with Eric Zaldivar, the man who has seen them all, to discuss the best. Subscribe to Eric Zaldivar on YouTube: 'Every...


 2020-11-24  2h48m

WR528 - Comedy in the Time of Covid

Wrong Reel co-founder Mikhail Karadimov returns with Lee Johnson to discuss their new comedy special "I'm a Good Friend" and their upcoming documentary about comedy during the time of Covid. Watch "I'm a Good Friend": Follow Lee Johnson on Instagram:...


 2020-11-21  1h17m