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The Blast Off

New exclusive music from Biea Da Rsonist, SyckFlow, Flexx Kapone, Jerusalem and many more. Get your music heard send tracks to


 2019-03-05  39m

 2019-02-27  1h1m

The Blast Off: New Muzik

The Blast Off: New Muzik New tracks from Big Bob, Lee Ricks, Squeel, KCG, Jerusalem, and Many more. Check us out every week with exclusive tracks from Rising Stars.


 2019-02-26  31m

 2019-02-20  59m

The Blast Off : Richie Evans

Playing music from various artist, Richie Evans on the air interview. Submit all tracks to Every Monday @9pm EST. Visit our site at 00:30 RudeBoii da Rasta - Rida 03:55 Flexx Kapone - Flexx...


 2019-02-19  46m

The Electric Soul Show 2/13/19

The idea of the Electric Soul Show was created by Dj Mistri who is still in charge of the operation which is based here within Ipswich Town, England. He envisaged a dream of playing a variety of black music styles that could entertain, educate on...


 2019-02-13  1h0m

The Blast Off 2/11/2019

!!!Exclusive New New Music Exclusive!!! You heard it first on The Blast Off. New records from Dutchess Millz, Syck Flow, C.I, Jody Bee, and many more. Home Of The Rising Stars


 2019-02-12  45m

The Electric Soul Show 2/6/19

Playing various variety of music from The UK. Tune in and Subscribe #TheElectricSoulShow


 2019-02-06  1h0m

The Blast Off : Prime Time

This show will be playing new music from unsigned, indie artist. New exclusive music from Jourdin Pauline, SyckFlow, Flexx Kapone, Jerusalem, Tasha Scott and many more. Get your music heard - email your tracks today to WSGZ -...


 2019-02-05  30m

The Electric Soul Show W/ Dj Mistri UK

The Electric Soul Show every Wednesday with Dj Mistri on #WSGZ.


 2019-01-30  59m