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Day 272: Knew what he signed up for.

1/ Trump denied telling the widow of a fallen soldier "he knew what he signed up for." 2/ Trump backed off his support for the bipartisan healthcare deal. 3/ Paul Ryan does not support the Alexander-Murray healthcare bill. 4/ A second federal j...


 2017-10-18  5m

Day 271: Half-baked nationalism.

1/ John McCain condemned Trump's "America First" policy as "half-baked, spurious nationalism." 2/ Trump warned McCain "to be careful because at some point I fight back." 3/ Trump falsely claimed that Obama didn't call the families of troops kill...


 2017-10-18  7m

Day 270: Season of war.

1/ Mitch McConnell and Trump met for lunch today after Steve Bannon called for a "season of war" against the Senate majority leader and the rest of the GOP establishment. 2/ After his meeting with McConnell, Trump said they are "closer than ever ...


 2017-10-16  7m

Day 267: Imploding broken mess.

1/ Trump will cut off essential subsidy payments to Affordable Care Act insurers. 2/ Insurers pushed back against Trump's decision to cut the ACA's cost-sharing reduction subsidies. 3/ New York and California threatened to sue the Trump administ...


 2017-10-13  5m

Day 266: Trump vs. Everybody

1/ Trump signed an executive order easing some Affordable Care Act rules for small businesses that band together to buy health insurance as an association. 2/ Trump on NAFTA: "We’ll see what happens." 3/ European allies and Republicans are press...


 2017-10-12  5m

Day 265: NBC = CNN.

1/ Trump told his highest-ranking military leaders he wanted a tenfold increase in the US nuclear arsenal. 2/ In response to the NBC News story, Trump tweeted that NBC’s broadcast license should be pulled as punishment. 3/ Homeland Security is e...


 2017-10-11  2m

Day 264: Power of the pen.

1/ Trump plans to go around Congress to provide new insurance options for Americans. 2/ The White House blamed Bob Corker for the Twitter tiff with Trump. 3/ Trump gave Bob Corker a nickname as their feud escalates. 4/ Trump challenged Tillerso...


 2017-10-10  4m

Day 263: War on coal.

1/ The Trump administration will roll back the Clean Power Plan. 2/ The attorney for the Russian billionaire who pushed for the Trump Tower meeting said an email shows the meeting wasn't about Hillary Clinton. 3/ Trump is demanding funding for h...


 2017-10-09  5m

Day 260: Calm before the storm.

1/ Trump's advisers are floating the idea of replacing Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo after Morongate. 2/ Surrounded by military leaders, Trump warned that "maybe it’s the calm before the storm." 3/ Robert Mueller's investigators me...


 2017-10-06  4m

Day 259: Suicide squad.

Thursday, October 5, 2017 NOTE: The site has been updated since today's episode was recorded. Visit to see the most recent updates. 1/ Rex Tillerson, James Mattis, and Steven Mnuchin have a "suicide pact," wh...


 2017-10-05  4m