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Day 300: No plans.

1/ The author of the Trump dossier believes his report is 70-90% accurate. 2/ Nearly 1.5 million people have signed up for an Affordable Care Act health care plan. 3/ The Trump administration rejected 4,000 "late" DACA renewals despite some appl...


 2017-11-16  5m

Day 299: Do not recall.

1/ Jeff Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee he didn't lie under oath, but he has "no clear recollection" of the proposed Trump-Putin meeting. 2/ Sessions: There is "not enough basis" for assigning a new special counsel to investigate Hill...


 2017-11-15  5m

Day 298: Step aside.

1/ Trump asked Putin if Russia meddled in the election. Putin said they didn't. Trump believed him. 2/ Trump called US intelligence leaders "political hacks." 3/ The former CIA director said Trump is being "played" by Putin regarding election me...


 2017-11-13  4m

Day 295: If true.

1/ Trump cast doubt on the accusations that Roy Moore initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old when he was 32. 2/ Roy Moore called the allegations against him "completely false and misleading." 3/ The Republican Party's Senate campaign commit...


 2017-11-11  4m

Day 294: Great credit.

1/ Trump: "I don't blame China" for taking "advantage" of the US with its "very one-sided and unfair" trade deal. 2/ Affordable Care Act signups are outpacing last year's. 3/ John Kelly pressured the acting Homeland Security secretary, Elaine Du...


 2017-11-10  5m

Day 293: Refreshed.

1/ Trump told 12 Senate Democrats that he would "get killed" financially by the GOP tax bill. 2/ Trump warned North Korea that developing nuclear weapons was putting the country in "grave danger." 3/ Corey Lewandowski's "memory has been refreshe...


 2017-11-09  8m

Day 292: Incredible insights.

1/ Carter Page testified that he received permission from Corey Lewandowski to visit Moscow. 2/ Trump told CIA director Mike Pompeo to meet with a former intelligence officer who claimed the DNC emails were "leaked" – not hacked. 3/ The White Ho...


 2017-11-08  3m

Day 291: Bad conduct.

1/ Trump: The Texas church shooting isn't a guns issue, it's a mental health issue. 2/ Robert Mueller has enough evidence to charge Michael Flynn and his son as part of the Russia probe. 3/ A Russian lawyer said Trump Jr. offered to have an anti...


 2017-11-07  5m

Day 288: The only one that matters.

Current Status: Trump and Jeff Sessions have denied knowing about the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia. 1/ Trump does not "remember much" from the meeting with George Papadopoulos. 2/ Carter Page testified that he told Jeff Sessions about h...


 2017-11-03  6m

Day 287: Cut, cut, cut.

1/ House Republicans unveiled the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 2/ Sam Clovis has withdrawn his nomination for the Department of Agriculture's chief scientist role. 3/ Senate Democrats asked Jeff Sessions to clarify his confirmation hearing remarks. 4...


 2017-11-02  6m