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A great first guest for a great first show - The Master of the Roasts, comedian Jeff Ross. With his new book set to hit stores, Jeff and Marc talk about the finer art of the comedic roast, as well as how a roast led to one of the worst nights of Marc's life, and how one of the worst night's of Jeff's life was salvaged by Tom Cruise. Also, in his WTF moment of the day, Marc tells us how an act of crime led to his liberation from Whole Foods Market.

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Episode 1420 - Nick Youssef

Nick Youssef found himself on the receiving end of anti-Arab hate when he took the standup stage shortly after 9/11, right at the start of his comedy career. It was that moment when Nick knew he was never going to let anyone get the better of him on the comedy stage ever again. Marc talks with Nick about how the shy son of Lebanese immigrants became a battle-hardened comic who just produced and released his first comedy special.

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Episode 1419 - Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson says she never made art to express herself, she didn’t care about having a “style,” and she sure didn’t think about building a “brand.” Laurie and Marc talk about her time in New York City as part of a booming art scene, her days hanging with Andy Kaufman, and her many musical collaborations. They also discuss Laurie’s role as the steward of Lou Reed’s legacy, including the new book she helped edit of Lou’s writing on Tai Chi...



Episode 1418 - Jason Woliner / Ashley Barnhill

First up in this two-for-one episode, Marc talks with comedian Ashely Barnhill, who used to work for WTF while she was building her comedy career. Suddenly, a tragic accident had her fighting for her life. They talk about Ashley’s road back. Next, director Jason Woliner returns to talk about his 10-year-long project, Paul T. Goldman. Marc tries to find out what Jason was getting at with this reality-bending series and whether there were any lasting repercussions...



Episode 1417 - O'Shea Jackson Jr.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. grew up around music with Ice Cube as a father. But it was a school teacher who set his mind toward making movies. O’Shea and Marc talk about the idea of Ice Cube versus the reality of Ice Cube as a dad and now as a grandfather...



"The Nominees Are..." - A WTF Compilation

A special compilation of this year's Oscar nominees talking about their nominated works. Hear excerpts from Marc's interviews with Michelle Yeoh, Daniels, Brendan Fraser, Hong Chau, Austin Butler, Andrea Riseborough, Sarah Polley, Todd Field, Rian Johnson, Judd Hirsch and Tony Kushner.

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Episode 1416 - Bobby Farrelly

Bobby Farrelly knows he was lucky to grow up in small town Rhode Island, which was, in his words, marinating in characters. Bobby and his brother Peter were able to take those real life characters and put them into screenplays that became some of the biggest comedy films of all time. Bobby and Marc talk about the origins of Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, There’s Something About Mary and more, as well as Bobby’s new movie with Woody Harrelson, Champions...



Episode 1415 - Ronny Chieng

Ronny Chieng has been in America for less than a decade and he’s cementing himself as a prolific force in comedy. With two Netflix specials, a regular spot on The Daily Show, and multiple roles in high profile films already under his belt, Ronny is living a comedian’s dream. He tells Marc how he went from law school in Australia to doing regular comedy work and how a festival encounter with Trevor Noah changed everything...



Episode 1414 - Hong Chau

Hong Chau owes her acting career to social anxiety and a fear of performing in public. It was the desire to overcome those obstacles that led her to improv and acting classes. Hong and Marc talk about the dangerous journey her family undertook to get from Vietnam to America, her upbringing in New Orleans, the controversy around her performance in Downsizing, and her Oscar nominated performance in The Whale...



Episode 1413 - Austin Butler

Austin Butler devoted the past four years of his life to Elvis, the last year of which has been spent promoting and talking about Elvis. So it’s a little bit of a break for him to talk with Marc about his cowboy heritage, being a shy kid, becoming a regular of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows, finding his calling on the stage, learning from Denzel Washington, and cracking up at Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood...



Episode 1412 - Daniels (Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert)

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert share a first name, a passion for filmmaking and now awards for Best Director. But the duo known as Daniels have backgrounds that are as divergent as the multiverse they invented for Everything Everywhere All At Once...