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True accounts of the First World War / The Great War / WWI as told by the soldiers themselves!


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episode 1: The Diary of Percy Smythe: Build up that chest

Series 2, The Diary of Percy Smythe


 2016-09-15  55m

episode 2: Crimed for what?

In this episode Viv Smythe gets married before going to war, Percy renews old acquaintances at Taree and he gets charged with something he did not cause. We meet more diggers and learn more about camp life at Liverpool, including the infamous Colonel...


 2016-09-22  52m

episode 3: Bert at Anzac

Bert Smythe outlines the first few days after the ANZAC Day landings


 2016-10-04  22m

episode 4: Through The Heads

When I was a young man I carried a pack and waltzed me Matilda all over..... This is a tear jerker as Percy says goodbye to his family and sets sail on the SS Orsova for fate and destiny. Before he goes, his unit is set to Obelisk Bay in Sydney...


 2016-10-08  33m

episode 5: Baksheesh

Just a little warning. This episode includes content that could offend modern sensibilities. Some racist terms and descriptions are used. If you can handle that, Percy describes his trip to Egypt and stopovers in Melbourne, Freemantle, Aden and Suez....


 2016-10-15  30m

episode 6: To Gallipoli

He is almost there! In this episode Percy spends time at Cairo, travels by train to Alexandria and finally by ship to Lemnos Island and Gallipoli. Percy explores the Cheops Pyramid, the Sphynx and the infamous "Wozzer" where ANZAC troops rioted twice...


 2016-10-25  30m

episode 7: Dead Man's Gully and other charming places on Gallipoli

Percy is at ANZAC and settles in to the shells, flies, maggots, dead bodies, bullets, and other problems. He visits Lone Pine, Shrapnel Gully and Dead Man's Gully. He meets up with his brothers Bert and Vern. Bert is not so well and Percy starts to...


 2016-11-01  34m

episode 8: Chats Beachy Bill and other nuisances on Gallipoli

Percy describes his time at Anzac Cove dodging shells from "Beachy Bill", chats, Turkish bullets, diarrhoea and the 'flu. Did any of these horrors get him? Listen and find out! Here's a "snippet": After tea, I went for a walk up to Lone Pine. I met a...


 2016-11-09  30m

episode 9: Comin' thro' the rye .... at Malta!

In this episode Percy wants to die, no, really, he wants to die! He is sick, probably delirious with pneumonia, on a troop ship from Gallipoli and gets put off at Malta into a hospital for infectious cases. Find out what he gets up to, who he meets...


 2016-11-18  29m

episode 10: The Maltese tourist

Percy does the tourist "thing" in Malta, moving from hospital to a convalescent camp. Come explore Valetta and other places around Malta.


 2016-11-26  34m