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Keep up with the latest in mobile and cloud development with the official Xamarin podcast. Join your hosts Matt Soucoup and James Montemagno as they discuss the latest and greatest in native cross-platform mobile and cloud development in Xamarin, Visual Studio, C#, F#, .NET, App Center, and Azure.

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Episode 73: Essentials 1.6, Forms 4.6 and Contact Tracing

Hope everybody is staying healthy! We have lots of news and new releases to cover this month for you! Xamarin.Essentials. Xamarin.Forms. Contact Tracing and more! Tune in to hear all the good goodness!



Episode 72: Logically Embed That Authentication

Logically embed that authentication ... that doesn't make sense at all ... or does it? Well it does when James and Matt separately talk about Azure Logic Apps, embedded fonts, and the brand new Xamarin.Essentials authentication! And a whole lot more!


 2020-04-10  44m

Episode 71: Focus on Xamarin!

This month James and Matt talk about Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin, and everything related to Xamarin - you could say they Focus on Xamarin.


 2020-03-13  31m

Episode 70: It's Xamarin.Forms Trigger-Mania!

How many different types of Xamarin.Forms triggers can Matt & James talk about in this month's pod? Only one way to find out... tune in! And you'll also learn about new Xamarin.Forms dual screen support, Azure API Management, and much, much more!


 2020-02-14  41m

Episode 69: Happy New Decade!

New Year - New Decade - New Pod!! This month James and Matt recover from their holiday hacks to go over the latest and greatest in the world of Xamarin!


 2020-01-10  41m

Episode 68: All The New 4's: Xamarin Forms 4.4 and Visual Studio 16.4!!

Everything that's new ends with a 4! This month James and Matt go over the big releases of Visual Studio 16.4 and Xamarin.Forms 4.4! What's new you ask? Well... you're just gonna have to listen!


 2019-12-13  43m

Episode 67: Partly Forms-y With a Chance of Visual Studio

In this month's episode James and Matt talk a bit about everything. From previewing this year's HUGE Ignite Conference, to talking about the incredible bumper on Matt's new Channel 9 show - Partly Cloudy - to giving you the scoop on the new way to find out what's new with the new releases ... the guys hit on it all this month!


 2019-11-08  39m

Episode 66: .NET Conf Recap!

In this month's episode James and Matt recap .NET Conf! .NET Conf just happened and if you missed anything don't worry, because... We. Have. You. Covered. There were a ton of great announcements and we talk about them all. Plus the Pick of the Pod!


 2019-10-11  39m

Episode 65: Pull to Refresh, Pull Requests, and Refresh Views

In this month's episode James and Matt talk a bit about everything. iOS 13 and Android 10 are hot off the presses. Xamarin.Forms 4.2 is too! There's something cool called Boots that will keep your feet dry in the pool of continuous integration and Azure Functions now has Dependency Injection! Plus the Pick of the Pod!


 2019-09-13  39m

Episode 64: We Love Us Some Android!

In this month's episode James and Matt love Android almost as much as they love going to the dentist ... seriously! There's a ton of Android goodness to discuss and they tackle it all! And there's more... Visual Studio of Visual Studio for Mac get updates. There's a super cool app out there that does everything you ever wanted with contacts IN FOUR LINES OF CODE! And App Center is releasing features like crazy! Plus the Pick of the Pod!


 2019-08-09  36m