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Looking for weird? You found it. Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast.From ghosts & hauntings to crypto-creatures, cults, exorcisms, UFOs & everything in between. If it's out there & it's weird...we're gonna talk about it.


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episode 18: Indigo Children Part 2 - Agents of Aquarius?

The definition of an Indigo child varies depending on which New Age Web site you visit, but most believers seem to agree that the children have shared characteristics...



episode 17: Indigo Children Part 1 - Psychic or Psychology?

This week we're talking about Indigo Children - with a special thanks to Ryan from Instagram for suggesting the topic and the rest of our fabulous Instagram community for voting on it! What are the defining characteristics of an Indigo - and what does science and psychology have to say about it? Are Indigo's the next step in human evolution or could it be a lack of or rejection of a diagnosis? Can we apply the same conclusions and assumptions to everyone who believes themselves to be an...



episode 16: Dreams Part 2 - Dreams, Multiverse Theory, Consciousness & Alternate Dimensions

In Part 2 of our #Dreams episode, Xander does his very best to (unsuccessfully) wrap his brain around the mind-bending question from listener Nate: "Are Dreams A Glimpse Into An Alternate Dimension?" This episode almost broke Xander and sent Stone into existential crisis. With that seemingly innocent question, Nate was actually asking about: Multiverse Theory, Consciousness, Alternate Dimensions, Reality.....



episode 15: Dreams Part 1 - Subconsciousness & The Science of Dreaming

By popular demand, and repeated requests from you, our gracious listener, we are officially launching our new format! Every week, Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast - will release 1 topic in 2 parts...



episode 14: El Chupacabra - Mangey Coyote or Cryptid-Creature?

El Chupacabra - is it a mythical cryptic-creature that hunts goats or an unfortunately mangey coyote? This week on Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast we take a look at what science has to say about the Chupacabra (spoiler alert: science has a lot to say). We take a look at the Sigbin from the Philippines as well as a report of a Goat-Sucker in China similar to the Chupacabra...



Bonus Episode - Cross-over episode with Bad Counsel Podcast

As a special treat this week we invited the guys n gal from the Bad Counsel Podcast to swap seats with us. They host an episode of Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast, and we get in the Bad Counsel hot-seat and improvise an episode of the Bad Counsel Podcast. Xander & Stone gave Tim, Gregg, Jack & Katy their paranormal topic "Chupacabras" to research and do an episode for XS Podcast. We'll let you, our valued listener, decide if they fulfilled the assignment or not...



episode 13: Exposed (Again) - Xander & Stone AMA Part 2

This week we (finally) got around to answering a few more listener questions in Xander & Stone Exposed (Again) - Part 2 in our Exposed Series...



episode 12: Ouija Boards - Subconscious or Supernatural?

Over the last 100 plus years, the Ouija Board has brought untold hours of thrilling entertainment to those who have dared to play. Despite the trope of it being a portal to Hell and a direct communication to demonic entities communicate and even diabolically possess people, the popularity of the Ouija Board has endured pop culture for decades...



episode 11: Mothman - Harbinger, Herald, Hitchhiker.

This week's episode Xander & Stone discuss the legend himself: The Mothman. Also known as the flying man, or the Thunderbird, Mothman gained popularity in the mid-60’s after famously causing the poorly constructed Silver Bridge between West Viriginia and Ohio to collapse and kill over 40 people...


 2021-03-16  48m

episode 10: NDE - 7 Heavens, 14 Hells & Far Too Many Clerical Errors.

People who have had a Near Death Experience (NDE) often report very similar experiences the light at the end of the tunnel, being welcomed by loved ones who have passed over, feeling at peace and in the presence of a Divine Creator. These reports often seem based on the principals of Heaven and Hell. A very Western-religious experience...


 2021-03-11  1h9m