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Office Hours: Group Partners Share Their Investor Horror Stories

For this latest episode of Office Hours, the Group Partners are sharing stories from their worst investor meetings. We’ll outline some of the weird plays we’ve seen investors try to pull — but we’ll also confess times that we, as founders, bungled meetings we could’ve nailed. We’ll discuss what differentiates a truly great investor, and shed a bit of light on something we rarely talk about publicly: the YC Investor Database. Apply to Y Combinator: https://yc...


 September 1, 2023  26m

Does Your Startup Need To Be In San Francisco?

Should you and your startup live in San Francisco? Y Combinator Partners, Michael Seibel and Dalton Caldwell, debate their different opinions on whether startups are more likely to succeed in the Golden City or elsewhere. Where do they find common ground? Watch to find out. Apply to Y Combinator: https://yc.link/DandM-applyWork at a Startup: https://yc.link/DandM-jobs


 August 29, 2023  15m

Office Hours: Group Partners Reveal Their Favorite Pivot Stories

You might think that pivoting is something done only by the startups that don’t make it. In reality, a huge number of the best startups pivoted. In this first episode of our new series, Office Hours, Y Combinator Group Partners share their favorite stories of entrepreneurs who pivoted and went on to build game-changing companies...


 August 25, 2023  20m

Will OpenAI Kill All Startups?

How will the rise of AI impact startups and entrepreneurs? Join Michael Seibel and Dalton Caldwell for a discussion on the opportunities and challenges AI brings for founders. Apply to Y Combinator: https://yc.link/DandM-apply

Work at a Startup: https://yc.link/DandM-jobs


 July 24, 2023  13m

Silicon Valley's Cargo Culting Problem

When it comes to building a startup you’re never doing it entirely from scratch. Inspiration and ideas can come from a variety of places, including other successful startups. But there’s a thin line between borrowing smart ideas and copying them blindly - otherwise known as Cargo Culting.

In this episode Dalton and Michael break down the problem with Cargo Culting and offer advice on the right way to draw inspiration from other successful companies...


 July 13, 2023  16m

Setting KPIs and Goals with Divya Bhat | Startup School

YC Visiting Group Partner Divya Bhat talks about how to set your KPIs (key metrics) and how to prioritize your time. This talk helps founders launch faster and set goals in order to make real progress. Apply to Y Combinator: https://yc.link/SUS-apply Work at a Startup: https://yc.link/SUS-jobs


 July 5, 2023  27m

How To Go From Startup Dream To Reality

It can be very easy for founders to fall into a trap of denial in the early stages of a startup’s life. But in order for your company to really take off, it’s critical to be honest with yourself and to build a community of friends and collaborators who are willing to challenge groupthink. In the first episode of our new series “The Main Function,” YC President and CEO Garry Tan explains how founders must face hard truths in order to take their company from dream to reality...


 June 15, 2023  6m

The Immigrant Journey Behind A Silicon Valley Success Story

Today Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan sits down with one of the best founders of a generation, Tracy Young. She cofounded Plangrid which sold to Autodesk for $875M, and is back with her new startup called Tigereye. But since it’s AAPI heritage month, we’re talking about a different kind of origin story.

Tracy's Predictable Growth newsletter: https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/7018963257554046976/
Apply to Y Combinator: https://yc...


 June 9, 2023  12m

Tips For Technical Startup Founders | Startup School

YC Group Partner Diana Hu was the CTO of her YC startup Escher Reality, which was acquired by Niantic (makers of Pokemon Go). She shares her advice for being a technical founder at the earliest stages - including topics like how to ship an MVP fast, how to deal with technology choices and technical debt, and how and when to hire an engineering team.

Apply to Y Combinator: https://yc.link/SUS-apply Work at a startup: https://yc...


 June 8, 2023  28m

Secrets You Can Learn From Your Customers

Successful startups don’t just build technology – they solve human problems. The key is listening to the people who really matter: your customers.

In this episode, Michael and Dalton discuss how spending real time with your users can unlock insights and growth. Hear the stories of how Airbnb and Brex built billion-dollar companies by forging genuine connections with their customers and learn why having too much money and too many people can actually slow down learning...


 June 5, 2023  14m