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#44 - Cindy Mi on Building VIPKID, the World's Largest English Learning Platform for Children

Cindy Mi is the founder and CEO of VIPKID. VIPKID is a 1-on-1 teaching platform where children in China learn english from North American teachers.

Anu Hariharan is a Partner here at YC.


 2017-11-03  33m

#43 - Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett on Live Video's Struggle for Interestingness

Matt Hackett and Casey Neistat are the cofounders of Beme, which was acquired by CNN last year.


 2017-11-01  1h2m

#42 - Robotics and 3D Printing with Voodoo Manufacturing

Oliver Ortlieb and Max Friefeld are two of Voodoo Manufacturing's four cofounders.


 2017-10-26  50m

#41 - Experiments in Art and Technology with Artforum Editor Michelle Kuo

Michelle Kuo is Editor in Chief of Artforum.

Kat Mañalac is a Partner at YC.

Michelle came in to chat with us about art and technology and, in particular, a group called Experiments in Art and Technology.


 2017-10-18  1h2m

#40 - Content Marketing Tips from Experts at First Round Capital and Andreessen Horowitz

Camille Ricketts is the Head of Content and Marketing at First Round Capital.

Sonal Chokshi is an Editorial Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.


 2017-10-13  1h12m

#39 - Mr. Robot's Technical Producer and Writer - Kor Adana

Kor Adana is a writer and technical producer on Mr. Robot.

Mr. Robot season three premieres tonight.


 2017-10-11  59m

#38 - The More You Communicate with Users, the Higher Chance You'll Build Something They Want - Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt

Ryan Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt.

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 2017-10-04  49m

#37 - Don't Start a Blog, Start a Cult - Mr. Money Mustache

Pete Adeney, more commonly known as Mr. Money Mustache, retired at 30 after working as a software engineer for about ten years.

He blogs at MrMoneyMustache.com about how he saved money, where he invested it, and how he achieved "financial freedom through badassity".

You can apply to the W18 batch of YC here - ycombinator.com/apply


 2017-09-27  53m

#36 - Your Whole Goal Is to Not Quit - Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers

Courtland Allen is the founder of Indie Hackers, a place where the founders of profitable businesses and side projects can share their stories transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from those examples.

Check out the Indie Hackers podcast here.


 2017-09-22  1h0m

#35 - The Technical Challenges of Measuring Gravitational Waves - Rana Adhikari of LIGO

Rana Adhikari is a Professor of Physics at Caltech and a member of the LIGO team, who were the first to measure gravitational waves.

Their detection papers are available here.


 2017-09-15  1h18m