Yeah, She's Driven

Yes, I'm driven. I get up at 7 am PT to have coffee and biz talk with anyone who wants to come. Often I create topics to speak on however there is a ton of space for you to ask questions! I call it 7am Coffee with Shanda. We make the recordings available to you in this podcast. A little about me: I bootstrapped my business from nothing to multiple 7 figures. I never set out to build a business of this size but now that I have I can see all the simple steps I took to get it here. These Facebook Lives are designed to give back and hopefully help a few good people get focused on the right steps to grow with less stress!

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episode 96: Hook Your Way to a Million Dollar Personality

Do you know there’s a foolproof method to hook your way to success by simply being the real you? In this episode, James Powell takes on the hot seat as Shanda grills him under extreme pressure to bring out his A-game, and learn how he can get his...



episode 95: Focus on Making Profit More Than Making Money

People always grab at the slightest chance to make money when the opportunity presents itself. But, is it possible to create cash flow when things are hard and tomorrow is uncertain? In this episode, Shanda shares how to make the most out of these...



episode 94: Where Will You Be In 5 Years From Now?

Five years ago, no one thought the world would be in its current condition. But, if it continues this way, where will you be in 5 years? In this Coffee with Shanda, she shares where she was when this question first came up, and how it helped lead her...



episode 93: Reduce the Resistance in Your Life!

Are you using all your power trying too hard to make something work? Shanda is here to share some inspired insight on the power of letting go so you can move forward. Without becoming complacent, she wants you to use your courage and intense energy to...



episode 92: Identity in Harmony with Nona Jones

As we continue on our daily lives, we try to progress towards a better version of ourselves. That sense of self is based on our identities and our perception of the universe. But sometimes, we find other people that seem to have it different from what...


 2020-07-07  32m

episode 91: The Scared Child Within WIth Tana Amen

The Scared Child Within with Tana Amen No matter how different we all turn out to be, just remember that we all started the same at one point in our lives. We’ve all been scared children. With that mindset, you will be better equipped to understand...


 2020-06-30  43m

episode 90: Fighting Fear for Freedom

When we were young, our worst fears could usually be taken care of by our parents or guardians. Now that we have families and children that need the money we make, it’s you against the unknown. Today on the podcast, Shanda gives the secrets to...


 2020-06-23  26m

episode 89: The Right Way for a Strong Leader to Take a Stand with Eva Medilek

With the increase of attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, many people, especially people of influence, share their thoughts and take a stand for justice. However, because of our differences, there are some traces of ignorance that still cause...


 2020-06-16  28m

episode 88: Why You Need to Use Your Voice

Whether you’re an influencer with a big platform or a regular person with a small platform, you need to use your voice. In today’s episode, Shanda shares her opinions on current issues in America and she gives advice on how to get more people to...


 2020-06-09  25m

episode 87: BE Before You DO with Paul Martinelli

Has this pandemic forced you to reevaluate your life? As people begin realizing that this will never be over, they have to think “Who am I going to be?” and  “What am I going to do?” Today on Coffee with Shanda, Paul Martinelli joins her...


 2020-06-02  33m