Yeast Radio with Madge Weinstein

Lesbian LGBTQ podcast. One of the first queer podcasts, running since November of 2004. Sometimes it's a roundtable of transgressive characters. At other times, It's Madge Weinstein's stream of consciousness.

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YR1201 Apple Watch Trout-Filled Waterbed

A wildly different Yeast Radio Group Grum (not really) as Debra, Cheryl, and I make some nice girl talk followed by calls to our usual “friends” and some new ones! Hint: Apple Watch. Hint: Trout. Hint: FEEESH SHOW NOTES: Today finds Madge,


 2014-09-11  3h20m


Just me and my lesbianism talking about you, the audience, about how badly my vagina smells during Baddha Konasana. Other stuff too.


 2014-09-05  1h16m

YR1199 Cindy McCain uses Duck Rape Glory Holes in the Penthouse… Is That Normal?

New grum for YOU with Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and Madge Weinstein. If you want show notes, WRITE THEM YOURSELF! Show notes: Penetrative probe finds Cindy McCain goes afoul of our fine feathered friends.


 2014-09-02  3h55m

YR1198 Bugging Rachel

R@chel K@nn and I catch up. This is really good. No joke.


 2014-08-28  1h46m

YR1197 Debra & Madge GURL Talk (2nd half of YR1196)

After GRUMPY Cheryl left the other day, Debra got off work at the Snickers buffet and stayed on the show chatting with me. This is that. Also, some calls! ;)


 2014-08-27  2h36m

YR1196 Part 1 Doody Bottles

This grum was so BEEG, we had to split it in two. This, the first part, is myself, Cheryl Merkowski, and Ragan Fox. We talk nice and then make some cawuls. wewuw.


 2014-08-25  1h29m

YR1195 Horses at the School for GIRLZ

Cheryl Merkowski and Debra Wilkerson join madge for a horrible night of terrifying pro-life abortion workers and colon blowers. We are certain you will enjoy this here grum, unless you are named Jasmmine.


 2014-08-11  2h36m

YR1194 Foul Demon from the Pits of Hell

Some lovely phone calls in addition to the usual bantered. Cheryl and Debra get treated less than kindly by a seemingly kind Christian womyn.


 2014-07-22  2h20m

YR1193 SEEWORD Many Times

She went OFF! NEW GRUMM!!!!!


 2014-07-02  1h57m

Mrs. Rapefire

The dawning of a NEW GRUM NEW GRUM.


 2014-05-27  2h37m