Yeast Radio with Madge Weinstein

Lesbian LGBTQ podcast. One of the first queer podcasts, running since November of 2004. Sometimes it's a roundtable of transgressive characters. At other times, It's Madge Weinstein's stream of consciousness.

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YR1207 Jello Pudding Rape is the new Travon Martin Shooting

Hi, Honey. This is a good grum with the three GIRLZ. You will enjoy. Show Notes: Sometimes, in this cruelly unpredictable and harshly lonely society we all share, we find a rare friendship that transcends all other bonds in our lives.


 2014-11-26  2h37m

YR1206 Pebbles in the vagina, or, Can i sit on the baby table holder and rub myself?

Yeah well it's just Madge Weinstein and Debra Wilkerson today as Cheryl was out celebrating her umpteenth abortion. Show notes feuwerthcoming. Lots of crap.


 2014-11-18  3h9m

Yeast Video: Election 2014

A video about the election tomorrow. Please watch it so that you can comment on how ugly and fat I am plus stained teeth.


 2014-11-03  6m


A new YEAST with Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and Madge Weinstein. Look forward to show notes soons!NO NO NO NO™ SHOW NOTES (by Brine): The rapid clacking of jewel-toned fingernails fills the air as Bruce Jenner taps phone numbers into his iPhone...


 2014-10-30  2h20m

YR1204: ALS Rape

Not only to we help the cause ALS Rape Awareness™ (along with the ice bucket challenge of course), but we also delve quite deep into Transmanism. Is that a word? Find OUTK on this FOUR HOUR episode of Yeast Radio!


 2014-10-19  3h54m

YR1203: Ate Grankeeds

She got ate granKEEDS. More fun with Debra, Cheryl and myself. Someone make show notes pls.. Show Notes: 0:00:00 Debra is a fancy racist with a chauffer Cheryl was in an elevator that smelled like a McDonald’s salad Madge is eating a non-vegan salad Cr...


 2014-10-06  3h6m

YR1202 Taco Bloat Shitting

More than just taco bloat is disgust in this star studded grumhole. Ragan Fox joins Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and myself for a fun combination of GURL talk and MEAN spirited prank calls. HOTLINE! Madge’s family got the cleaning lady a Samsung ...


 2014-09-17  3h9m

YR1201 Apple Watch Trout-Filled Waterbed

A wildly different Yeast Radio Group Grum (not really) as Debra, Cheryl, and I make some nice girl talk followed by calls to our usual “friends” and some new ones! Hint: Apple Watch. Hint: Trout. Hint: FEEESH SHOW NOTES: Today finds Madge,


 2014-09-11  3h20m


Just me and my lesbianism talking about you, the audience, about how badly my vagina smells during Baddha Konasana. Other stuff too.


 2014-09-05  1h16m

YR1199 Cindy McCain uses Duck Rape Glory Holes in the Penthouse… Is That Normal?

New grum for YOU with Cheryl Merkowski, Debra Wilkerson, and Madge Weinstein. If you want show notes, WRITE THEM YOURSELF! Show notes: Penetrative probe finds Cindy McCain goes afoul of our fine feathered friends.


 2014-09-02  3h55m