You Need A Budget (YNAB)

A weekly dose of just the right medicine to help you get out of debt, save more money, and beat the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

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episode 412: Incentives and Your 401(k)

Jesse reflects on a Senate bill -- now signed into law as the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act -- which will require a greater amount of employers to offer 401(k) plans to employees. The new law also makes it...



episode 411: Opting Out of the Credit Card Game

For better or worse (probably worse), credit cards are a major part of our financial world now. Cash is becoming less and less convenient to use every year, and debit cards continue to lack the same level of fraud protection that credit cards enjoy.



episode 410: January Burndown 2020

It's time to blow it all up! Every January, Jesse takes time with his family to "blow up" his budget and all the assumptions that drive it. He takes a fresh look at the dollars in the budget, and starts to question everything.



episode 409: The YNAB Debt Bootcamp

If you made it through the last few weeks, you know why Jesse hates debt and why you should too!   Start the New Year by putting those feelings into action. Jesse has created a "debt bootcamp" for YNAB users to help you get serious about getting...



episode 408: Why I Hate Debt Pt. 4: The Corporations

The corporations are playing a game, and you can't win. So opt out and stop playing the game! In the part 4 of the "Why I Hate Debt" miniseries, Jesse explains how behind every credit card is a clever system of points, travel miles, and other "free"...



episode 407: Why I Hate Debt Pt. 3: Cost of Opportunity

Jesse hates debt, and you should too! In Part 3 of anti-debt miniseries, Jesse argues that debt is not just a drain on our cash flow and creativity, it also restricts our future opportunities!


 2019-12-23  8m

episode 406: Why I Hate Debt Pt. 2: Constraints & Creativity

In Part 2 of the Why I Hate Debt miniseries, Jesse explains why debt is a non-negotiable for him, and why is should be for you too.


 2019-12-16  7m

episode 405: Why I Hate Debt Pt. 1: Cash

Jesse hates debt, and you should too. Debt service constricts our cash flow, limits out ability to do other things like savings and investing, and generally introduces more stress into our lives. In this first part of a mini-series on debt, Jesse...


 2019-12-09  5m

episode 404: Handling Wildly Variable Income

Some of you may be thinking, YNAB sounds great, but what if I don't get a regular paycheck? How am I supposed to budget with that?


 2019-12-02  6m

episode 403: A Business Podcast?

Jesse is thinking about launching a separate podcast to discuss small business, internet marketing, and how you can use YNAB to manage your business cash flow, and he wants to know what you think!


 2019-11-25  3m