Your Doctor’s Orders

There’s a lot of medical information thrown around out there. How are you to know what information you can trust, and what’s just plain old quackery? You can’t rely on your own “google fu”. You can’t count on quality medical advice from Facebook. You need a doctor in your corner. On each episode of Your Doctor’s Orders, Dr. Terry Simpson will cut through the clutter and noise that always seems to follow the latest medical news. He has the unique perspective of a surgeon who has spent years doing molecular virology research and as a skeptic with academic credentials. He’ll help you develop the critical thinking skills so you can recognize evidence-based medicine, busting myths along the way. The most common medical myths are often disguised as seemingly harmless “food as medicine”. By offering their own brand of medicine via foods, These hucksters are trying to practice medicine without a license. And though they’ll claim “nutrition is not taught in medical schools”, it turns out that’s a myth too. In fact, there’s an entire medical subspecialty called Culinary Medicine, and Dr. Simpson is certified as a Culinary Medicine Specialist...

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episode 3: Myths about the COVID19 vaccines

No sooner has a vaccine been announced than the anti-vaccination crowd has started telling you how bad it is. Well, here are the most common myths they’ve told people- and the real story.


 2020-12-25  30m

episode 2: mRNA Vaccines - A New Hope Against COVID19

mRNA vaccines are an exciting new development in the field of molecular biology to help cure a disease that will quickly become the number one killer in the world. This is the culmination of years of work and I could not be more excited by this moment in


 2020-12-09  11m

episode 1: Trapping The COVID19 Virus

The new monoclonal antibodies against COVID19 represent another significant treatment.


 2020-12-04  18m

episode 8: Covid19 Part Five

#COVID19 - how we can open the economy again


 2020-05-19  16m

episode 7: Covid19 Part Four

#COVID19 - mythical cures and hope


 2020-05-08  19m

episode 6: Covid19 Part Three

#COVID19 - how to get the economy going again - we need masks and tests


 2020-03-31  18m

episode 5: Covid19 Part Two

#COVID19 - why we are closing schools, limiting social gatherings, and stopping March Madness to flatten the curve.


 2020-03-17  15m

episode 4: Covid19 Part One

#COVID19 is not the worst virus the US has encountered, but here is some science for you to know.


 2020-03-12  20m

episode 3: Talking Turkey

There are a lot of myths about turkeys - here is the science from how to cook it to why it doesn’t make you sleepy


 2019-11-27  9m

episode 2: Chocolate Myths

Who doesn’t want to think chocolate is good for you? Well, there is some evidence that it has great compounds that are healthy. The question is - how many calories to get to those compounds? This, and the great chocolate weight loss con, in this episode


 2019-10-06  10m