Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo

Business Owners of every kind will want to hear from some of the leading marketing, sales, growth and management experts in the world right here on Your First Thousand Clients! The show that gets you to YOUR first thousand clients and beyond!

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141: Obtaining The Right Professionals For Business Legal Services with Scott Reib

One of the hardships entrepreneurs face is solving problems that involve legalities. That is why it always comes handy to have a relationship with a lawyer even before you end up in a crisis. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer and Board Certified...



140: Time Doctor: Tracking Productivity with Liam Martin

Being busy isn’t synonymous with being productive. Productivity is actually measured by the output of one’s work, and this is vital for every employee in every company. Liam Martin, CEO of Time Doctor, tried to address the issues surrounding...



139: Playing The New Game Of Selling with Mitch Axelrod

Every day in business, all of us are pushing to make more, sell more, grow more, and manage the company better. Doing all of these things for some of us is a struggle. Mitch Axelrod, author of The NEW Game of Selling, takes us to the depth...



138: The Power Of Outsourcing with Daven Michaels

To be an entrepreneur is a tough job especially if you are still starting up a business. You have this vision board that translates your mission to achieve your desired goals and income. The vision you had from the beginning would look really enticing...



137: Transforming Lives Through Vocal Awareness with Arthur Joseph

Arthur Joseph is truly a legend in vocal awareness. With his expertise in helping people make use of the power of their voice to influence others and to show effectiveness as a leader, he was able to train keynote speakers and celebrities such as Tony...


 2019-03-22  38m

136: Building And Growing Your Online Brand with Alex Lombard

We all start somewhere before all the momentum kicked in and led us to where we are now. Much of this is true with Alex Lombard, business expert and Chief Marketing Officer of Invigor8. From making $1,500 a month to eventually founding a company, he...


 2019-03-15  40m

135: The Power Of PR with Cameron Herold

Known as the CEO Whisperer, our guest, Cameron Herold, was groomed as an entrepreneur. His father and both of his grandfathers were entrepreneurs, and that’s where he got exposed to public relations in the early days. Cameron has been known to...


 2019-03-08  40m

134: Business Success: Where Real Growth Comes From with Mike Watts

Business expert Mike Watts has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. He was the kid in the lunchroom selling candy or the one in the neighborhood who’s mowing a lawn. Eventually, he traveled the traditional route of getting a degree and going out...


 2019-03-01  40m

133: The Magic In Being The Kind Communicator with Elizabeth Barry

In our working environment, we may have come upon people who demean others in order to achieve what they want. Sometimes, these are leaders who tend to walk out of meetings, throw others under the bus, or simply speak in a very mean and harsh manner....


 2019-02-22  32m

132: Conquering Limiting Beliefs: The Journey To IRONMAN with Karen Brown

Having been a child of the late ‘60s and growing up with two alcoholic parents, IRONMAN athlete Karen Brown was driven from a very early age. She had a real drive and will to succeed, the ability to never give up. For 28 years, it was her secret...


 2019-02-08  42m