Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo

Business Owners of every kind will want to hear from some of the leading marketing, sales, growth and management experts in the world right here on Your First Thousand Clients! The show that gets you to YOUR first thousand clients and beyond!



132: Conquering Limiting Beliefs: The Journey To IRONMAN with Karen Brown

Having been a child of the late ‘60s and growing up with two alcoholic parents, IRONMAN athlete Karen Brown was driven from a very early age. She had a real drive and will to succeed, the ability to never give up. For 28 years, it was her secret...



131: Growing And Monetizing Rapid Growth Companies with William De Temple

Starting life on a ranch, dealing with the care and maintenance of both 350 heads of cattle and many complex farm machines, serial entrepreneur William De Temple learned a way to get stuff done. To this day, he's showing us that he hasn't slowed down....



130: Why Social Media For Business is Broken and How to Fix It

The greatest ideas can oftentimes come from a complaint or a problem to solve. For Rick Chapman, the idea for DiiDit came out of the frustration when he could not get a response to his survey requests. It was the genesis of a discussion about building...



129: Building Your Email List with Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez started out as a low-level bank employee. After stumbling across personal development and entrepreneurship, he realized there had to be a better way. He took the winding road until he hit upon his big idea. He is the CEO of Virtual...


 2019-01-11  38m

128: Residual Income And Flood Insurance with Emerson Willis

Being in real estate really pushes you between that thin line of selling a property and then becoming unemployed. Once you’re done selling, the cycle ultimately begins again. Emerson Willis, CEO of Yep Insurance, learned at a young age from his...


 2019-01-04  28m

127: Systems, Softwares, And Coaching Contractors with Jim Johnson

Some of us already have that entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. Sharing his own entrepreneurial journey from the age of fourteen is Jim Johnson, business expert and founder of Contractor Coach PRO. Jim talks about how he found his true north as a...


 2018-12-28  43m

126: Universal Laws In Business And Life with Christy Whitman

The things happening around us are very much rooted in the abundance, or the lack thereof, we feel. What is inside manifests on the outside. Christy Whitman, CEO and founder of Quantum Success, is a believer of this. She sees the unmistakable...


 2018-12-21  41m

125: The Power Of Video Creation with Jason Hsiao

As the world has become more visual, it is no wonder that videos have become a powerful tool for businesses to market their own products and services. President and co-founder of Animoto, Jason Hsiao, talks about the power of video and the effect it...


 2018-12-14  38m

124: The Art Of Mixing Technology And Relationships with Olof Mathé

Relationship is key in business. A good foundation to build that is through communication, specifically one that stems from authenticity. Being transparent to the people around you and working towards the same goals with passion keeps you connected...


 2018-12-07  39m

123: Maximizing Income As A Nomad Capitalist with Andrew Henderson

Growing up, we have always wanted to become successful. That means acquiring wealth and dreaming of a big house. Yet what seems to slip our minds is the amount of taxes that comes with dreaming of business success. A person who knows this all too well...


 2018-11-30  37m