Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo

Business Owners of every kind will want to hear from some of the leading marketing, sales, growth and management experts in the world right here on Your First Thousand Clients! The show that gets you to YOUR first thousand clients and beyond!

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episode 254: 254: Do Not Launch Until You Know The First Thing Startups Need With Steven Hoffman

Your new business won’t skyrocket until you know the first thing startups need: a great team! Mitch Russo’s guest in this episode is Steven Hoffman, CEO of Founders Space. Steven is one of the world’s leading startup incubators and accelerators with over 50 partners in 22 countries. Today, he will give you crucial tips that can either make or break your startup. Remember, money at the beginning won’t make you successful. YOU have to MAKE it successful...



episode 253: 253: How Virtual Assistants Can Take Your Business To The Next Level With Robert Nickell

Being a good manager is not about doing all the work. It’s about designating the right people to do the work for you. And that’s where virtual assistants come in. Robert Nickell is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Station, a business outsourcing company that helps small to midsize companies elevate their business. In this episode, host Mitch Russo sits down with Robert as they chat about the value of having the right hiring process and why it works...



The Tribe Builders: Meaningful Conversations With Inspiring Leaders

After studying many leaders across many sectors, Mitch Russo realized that anyone could build their own tribes if they have the right motivation. Driven by the purpose of sharing his insights and discoveries to the world, he launches The Tribe Builders podcast, a show about meaningful conversations with inspiring leaders...



episode 251: 251: Heal Yourself, Master Yourself: A Guide To Finding Your True Life Path From Janet Hogan

Life can throw curveballs that can derail us from our true life path. Sometimes it’s the failure of a business or the loss of a loved one. So how do we get past these and get back on track? Mitch Russo is joined by today’s guest, co-founder of OddFellows and life coach, Janet Hogan. Janet discusses the moment she felt she had lost everything and what she did to move forward...



episode 252: 252: Selling Your Business: Learn How To Exit Rich With Michelle Seiler-Tucker

The time comes for every business owner to sell the business they worked so hard on. While many business owners don’t give this a second thought, many have been able to get out and exit rich. Mitch Russo’s guest in this episode will show you how. Mitch interviews Michelle Seiler-Tucker, the Founder and President of Seiler Tucker, Inc. and an expert on growing revenue streams and selling companies...



episode 250: 250: Learn What You Need To Do In Order To Create A Thriving Business With David Wood

People, most importantly business owners, need to focus on one thing at a time. You just need to set your priorities straight because without the proper mindset, your business will struggle to grow. Learn how to create a thriving enterprise with a high-performance coach, David Wood. David is the founder of Focus.CEO. He helps people regain their focus so that they can be a productive person. In this conversation with Mitch Russo, David explains the skills needed for a healthy business...


 2021-06-18  41m

episode 249: 249: The Art Of Being Funny: Laughter And The Sound Of Business Success With Scott Edwards

Laughter isn’t something many equate with business success, but our guest successfully turned comedy into the winning formula. Join Mitch Russo as he shares the spotlight with entrepreneur, comic consultant and podcast funnyman, Scott Edwards. Scott shares his early entrepreneurial adventures and talks about hitting it big in the comedy bar scene of the 1980’s. He talks about running his comedy bars, tapping talent and having some of the greatest comics onstage...


 2021-06-12  42m

episode 248: 248: Becoming A Giver: Improving Your Life And Personal Relationships With E.A. Csolkovits

Self-improvement is something all of us strive for. The best kind of self-improvement is learning and becoming a giver, a nurturer, a creator. Join Mitch Russo as he starts a fruitful conversation with the founder of GIVERS University, E.A. Csolkovits. E.A. talks about his humble start and how he met his mentor and father figure. We also get to hear about his promise to his mentor, how he started GIVERS University, and what he has learned over the years...


 2021-06-04  47m

episode 247: 247: Simplify Your Business: Growing From 6 To 7 Figures With Austin Netzley

There is no true be-all end-all business playbook which is why a lot of young entrepreneurs get caught up on the business side of things. At the end of the day, you may need some help in simplifying things. Austin Netzley can help you with that. Austin is the founder and CEO of 2x, a company that helps business owners run and grow their company. They provide the playbook just for you. Austin is also the author of the book From 6 to 7 Figures...


 2021-05-28  41m

episode 246: 246: What CBD Oils Offer: Improving And Innovating The CBD Industry With Irfan Sadiq

Others run from their failures. The best of us learn lessons and come back stronger, ready to improve and innovate. Join Mitch Russo as he engages the CEO of Blue Gem Hemp, the man himself, Irfan Sadiq. Irfan talks about how his father inspired him to become a technologist, sharing his early efforts at starting a business. Learn the lessons Irfan got to know in starting up Blue Gem Hemp and turning it into the success story it is today...


 2021-05-21  43m