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Join us as we delve into the principles and practices of homeschool Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time. With both experts in their fields and mentor-moms, we will discuss everything from how to choose the right books for a wide age range, to how to memorize a poem, to how to get the kids to sit still. All your burning Morning Time questions answered right here -- every other Tuesday.

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episode 122: YMB #122 Top Priorities for Morning Time with Teens

 We've talked a few times on the podcast about how to do Morning Time with your teens, but this episode really hones in on the idea of what do you prioritize when it comes to Morning Time and the teenage years. How do you make it worth their time and energy, how does it change as they get older, and even how do you award credits for what you are doing. 



episode 121: YMB 121 The Importance of a Living Education for Special Needs: A Conversation with Cheryl Swope

 Moms of kids with special needs may wonder what their students are capable of doing. How much should you do and what does this child need. Cheryl Swope is on the podcast today to talk about how all kids need truth, goodness, and beauty in their education. We can provide that as well as meet the practical needs that children have.

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Special Episode: We're having a retreat!

We are heading to the beach this January for our first ever We Gather Together Morning Time Retreat. Join me, Gather author Heather Tully, Dawn Garrett and the YMB team as we do Morning Time together, relax on the beach, and share a ton of encouragement and ideas for your Morning Time. In this special episode of the podcast we discuss all the retreat details. Register and read more at


 2022-08-23  16m

episode 120: YMB 120 Morning Time Plans: Delight for Your Day

 Today we are giving you a peek behind the scenes at what is included in our ready-made Morning Time plans at Your Morning Basket. I am joined by our member success manager and mom of eight Laney Homan as we dissect what's in the plans, who are they for, and how to get the most out of using them in your homeschool.

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 2022-08-16  54m

episode 119: YMB #119 Something for Everyone: A Conversation with Colleen Rein

I am joined today by Colleen Rein who is a member of our Your Morning Basket Plus membership and a mom who has been doing Morning Time for a number of years in her homeschool. What I love most about Colleen is all the practical insights she has into making homeschooling work for her family. Today she shares insights and tons of good ideas on how Morning Time can support a diverse group of learners.

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 2022-08-02  44m

episode 118: YMB #118 Finding Good Picture Books with Sarah Mackenzie

It is getting tougher and tougher to find good picture books that align with your values these days. How do you find ones that tell a quality story and have the kind of language and art that your family enjoys? How can you make your librarian your ally and know just which books to choose in the bookstore to add to your home library. I am joined today by Sarah Mackenzie from Read Aloud Revival to answer all of those questions and more. This was such a fun conversation...


 2022-07-19  40m

episode 117: YMB #117 Homeschooling Preschool by Making a Full Life: A Conversation with Mystie Winckler

Every year there are new moms dipping toes into the waters of homeschooling by starting with a preschooler. Every year these same moms ask their more veteran homeschool mom friends for advice and come away disappointed by the response they get...


 2022-07-05  48m

episode 116: YMB #116 Summer Reading and Morning Time: A Match Made in Homeschool

Summer is for fun and what is more fun than a summer reading program and Morning Time. In this episode Pam and member success manager Laney Homan talk about the Traveling Through the Pages FREE summer reading program that encourages your kids to stretch outside their comfort zones and read widely this summer. Laney gives a number of great ideas of how to use the program and the accompanying Morning Time plans. Don't miss this practical episode...


 2022-05-17  36m

episode 115: YMB #115 Celebrating Cultural Heritage Through Art, Music, and Poetry: A Conversation with Amber O'Neal Johnston

 Morning Time gives us a gift. It gives us a time in our day where we can enjoy the music, poetry, and art of a culture -- either our own or the culture of others. Today I am joined by Amber O'Neal Johnston who talks about why exploring both are important, and she has a ton of examples and ideas of how we can do that in our Morning Time.

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 2022-05-03  38m

episode 114: YMB #114 How Perfectionism Can Sabotage Morning Time

 So often we set ourselves up to fail when we have unrealistic expectations and expect a perfect Morning Time. Sometimes we don't even realize that perfectionism is the problem we are fighting. In this episode Pam breaks down what perfectionism can look like in your Morning Time and gives some tips on how to beat it so you can your kids can enjoy Morning Time together for years to come.

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 2022-04-19  30m