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Are you ready for homeschooling to feel joyful again? Want to build relationships and enjoy learning with your children? Welcome to Your Morning Basket. Hosted by Pam Barnhill, this podcast shares the magic and fulfillment that Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time can bring to your homeschool.Join host Pam Barnhill every other Tuesday as she shares principles and practices that can help you create a delightful start to your homeschool day. Discussions with experts and mentor-moms cover everything from choosing the right books for a wide age range to memorizing poems to getting kids to sit still. If you are ready to spend less time planning and more time engaged in learning with your children, join Your Morning Basket Plus

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episode 128: YMB #128: Why Morning Time?

Morning Time is not something that is required by any homeschool method or governing body. Why then do homeschoolers find the practice beneficial to include in a homeschool day? 

In this episode, Pam talks about five different reasons why a Morning Time practice is a worthy addition to your homeschool. She outlines the benefits of why you would want to devote time to doing this year after year...



episode 127: YMB 127 - Christmas Traditions: Conversation with Rooted in Rest

We are getting close to the holiday season and that means homeschoolers everywhere are getting ready to lean into the Christmas season and enjoy doing Christmas activities -- sometimes in lieu of any other learning activities. On this episode of the podcast I am joined by Abby Stone, mom of five, to chat about how her family slows down to make time for Christmas Traditions each year -- often learning a tone of academics along the way...


 2022-11-22  35m

episode 126: YMB #126: Delighting in the Beauty of Words: A Conversation with Megan Andrews

Snap, crackle, pop! or "my love is like a red, red rose" -- both are examples of fun word play that we can find in writing all around us. These words are what makes writing exciting. Today I am joined by special guest Megan Andrews who is a lover of words of all kind. We talk about how to introduce your kids to the beauty of words and encourage them to enjoy the language but also make the leap to using it in their own writing...


 2022-11-08  32m

episode 125: YMB #125 Mothering By the Book: A Conversation with Jennifer Pepito

As moms we deal with so many struggles and fears. Are we doing enough? Will our kids turn out ok? These fears threaten to overwhelm us and we wonder what can we do about it. My guest Jen Pepito knows those same fears all too well and has found solace and help in an unlikely place -- the books she reads aloud to her kids...


 2022-10-25  33m

episode 124: YMB #124 How Morning Time Works with Any Philosophy: A Conversation with Amy Milcic and Jessica Waldock

 It's true! It doesn't matter what "flavor" of homeschooler you are or what method you subscribe to -- Morning Time can totally work with every single kind of homeschool philosophy. I am joined today by Amy Milcic (eclectic, traditional) and Jessica Waldock (relaxed and interest based) as we chat about how we have made Morning Time work for us (I am representing the CM, classical side of things from a non-purist standpoint...


 2022-10-11  39m

episode 123: YMB #123 Geography in Morning Time: A Conversation with Heather Tully

 Don't groan! Geography can be a fun and fascinating topic to study in your Morning Time. In fact, when you get a kid who is into geography they can be so excited over something as simple as locating countries on a map. It is so much fun to see. Join me and Gather co-author Heather Tully as we dig in to all the ways we have done geography in our Morning Baskets through the years and dish on all of our favorite books and resources...


 2022-09-27  32m

episode 122: YMB #122 Top Priorities for Morning Time with Teens

 We've talked a few times on the podcast about how to do Morning Time with your teens, but this episode really hones in on the idea of what do you prioritize when it comes to Morning Time and the teenage years. How do you make it worth their time and energy, how does it change as they get older, and even how do you award credits for what you are doing. 


 2022-09-13  41m

episode 121: YMB 121 The Importance of a Living Education for Special Needs: A Conversation with Cheryl Swope

 Moms of kids with special needs may wonder what their students are capable of doing. How much should you do and what does this child need. Cheryl Swope is on the podcast today to talk about how all kids need truth, goodness, and beauty in their education. We can provide that as well as meet the practical needs that children have.

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 2022-08-30  39m

Special Episode: We're having a retreat!

We are heading to the beach this January for our first ever We Gather Together Morning Time Retreat. Join me, Gather author Heather Tully, Dawn Garrett and the YMB team as we do Morning Time together, relax on the beach, and share a ton of encouragement and ideas for your Morning Time. In this special episode of the podcast we discuss all the retreat details. Register and read more at


 2022-08-23  16m

episode 120: YMB 120 Morning Time Plans: Delight for Your Day

 Today we are giving you a peek behind the scenes at what is included in our ready-made Morning Time plans at Your Morning Basket. I am joined by our member success manager and mom of eight Laney Homan as we dissect what's in the plans, who are they for, and how to get the most out of using them in your homeschool.

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 2022-08-16  54m