Your Morning Basket

Are you ready for homeschooling to feel joyful again? Want to build relationships and enjoy learning with your children? Welcome to Your Morning Basket. Hosted by Pam Barnhill, this podcast shares the magic and fulfillment that Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time can bring to your homeschool.Join host Pam Barnhill every other Tuesday as she shares principles and practices that can help you create a delightful start to your homeschool day. Discussions with experts and mentor-moms cover everything from choosing the right books for a wide age range to memorizing poems to getting kids to sit still. If you are ready to spend less time planning and more time engaged in learning with your children, join Your Morning Basket Plus

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episode 1: YMB #1 What is Morning Time?

Welcome to the very first episode of Your Morning Basket: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty for Your Homeschool Day!

Have you heard about the practice of Homeschool Morning Time but just had a problem wrapping your brain around what the practice is? Do you DO Morning Time but wonder where the idea got started? Or are you a person like I am who could just listen to Cindy Rollins share her wisdom all day long?

If you are any of those people then you are going to love the first...


 2015-08-13  41m

episode 2: YMB #2 Furnishing The Mind

Andrew Pudewa is the director for the Institute for Excellence in Writing and proponent of memorization in education. In this episode of Your Morning Basket we talk about the effects of memorization on the brain, what to memorize, how to memorize, and how memorization furnishes the mind.

For show notes and downloads visit:


 2015-09-01  50m

episode 3: YMB #3 Reading In Morning Time: An Interview with Brandy Vencel

Welcome to another episode of Your Morning Basket. You may remember that, early in episode 2, Pam introduced us to the "4 Rs" that make up a rich Morning Time: recitation, reading aloud, ritual, and relationship. (And if you happened to miss that one, be sure to check it out!)

In today's interview, Pam talks with Brandy Vencel of Afterthoughts about the second of those Rs, reading aloud...


 2015-09-15  48m

episode 5: YMB #5 Big Family Morning Time: A Conversation with Angela Boord

Angela Boord has eight (soon to be nine!) children, so she knows all about making life work in a large family. She joins us today on the podcast to talk about creating and sustaining a Morning Time routine that is meaningful and worthwhile for everyone, from teens to toddlers.

Angela shares some great advice for keeping little hands busy, accommodating teens and their packed schedules, and tackling important subjects in a way that meets the needs of big kids and little kids alike...


 2015-10-13  39m

episode 6: YMB #6 Jennifer Mackintosh: A Considered Booklist

Jennifer Mackintosh has been practicing Morning Time in her home since her oldest, now a homeschool graduate was a 4th grader. At her blog Wildflowers & Marbles, she has written extensively about how she creates her Morning Time plan and about how she develops thoughtful book lists for read-alouds.

She joins us on this episode of the podcast to tell us a little more about choosing those great books, but she doesn't stop there...


 2015-10-27  42m

episode 7: YMB #7 Music Appreciation Simplified: A Conversation with Mary Prather

Mary Prather is a music educator turned homeschool mom and the creator of the music appreciation curriculum SQUILT.  On this episode of the podcast, she shares simple and effective ideas for adding beauty to Morning Time through music.

Mary has fantastic recommendations for composers and pieces, and she speaks from experience about no-fuss, practical ways to teach music appreciation and enjoy great music with our children. Treat yourself to a little dose of beauty today...


 2015-11-10  34m

episode 8: YMB #8 Start With Wonder: A Conversation with Nicholas Ireland

Nicholas Ireland, a father of three, teaches humanities to middle schoolers at a classical school in Alabama. On this episode of the podcast, he tackles the subject of poetry...


 2015-11-24  40m

episode 9: YMB #9 Morning Time Q&A With Mystie Winckler

Pam and her good friend Mystie Winckler of Simply Convivial wrap up this season of the podcast with an entire episode devoted to answering listener questions. 

They share inspiration, practical tips, how-to’s, and amusing anecdotes from their combined 12 years of practicing the discipline of Morning Time in their homes. Whether you’re a seasoned Morning Time veteran or a newbie wondering how to get started, there is something in this episode for you...


 2015-12-08  55m
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