Your Cool Aunts present The Wine Merchant

Narrated entries from Claire’s Diary tell insider stories from the international wine business. Travel with her to uncover the mysteries behind the creation and acquisition of luxury goods from vintage wines to high fashion. Claire joins a group of unique women at The Wine Merchant in their work to fix the PR problems of the rich and catch the thieves. Her writing is so brilliantly descriptive you’ll feel as though you’re in Claire’s pocket walking through the vineyards or sitting in her cafe with Remi the wolfhound. Episode 1-32 are her earliest memories, 33-present are her very recent experiences. More

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episode 46: 46. Yes We Can

Laurente has inspired Claire once again and now she is ready to work with the members of The Wine Merchant.
Claire  could never pass on the chance to join these women at The Wine Merchant to defend and protect not only their products, but also the terroir - the reputation of the source. It's the only thing that truly matters.



episode 44: 45. Count Me In

When Grace needed help Laurente answered her call but there was so much more to be done.  As the village's defacto mayor, Laurente cared about the reputation of the place and the wine. As to the farmers and vintners; she amassed their information, knew things the Committee could never penetrate and importantly, she cared at least as much as they did - sometimes more so. Laurente was the right woman at the right time and this time, it was she who needed assistance helping the others...



episode 43: 44. The Chairman's Problem

Grace and Sid lay out the background details for Claire about their business proposal and how it all started.



episode 43: 43. But First . . .

Claire needed Grace and Sid to answer a few more questions before she spoke to Barret and Laurente. She reminisces about her career path in the wine business - it's about the good and the not-so-good people and their intentions. Her decision is obvious, but she wants to go into this business arrangement with her eyes wide open - no more surprises.



episode 42: 42. A New Day

Grace and Sid create a new business plan for Claire. The new plan offers Claire a pathway for her new business to succeed. 
But first, Claire must agree to absolute secrecy. Relieved and shocked Claire listens to their plan and agrees to think about the offer overnight.  Her last question is a broad one - is there anyone else involved that I should know about? Their answer shocks her once more - Claire cannot believe that she is the last to know...



episode 41: 41. Now Is The Time

Claire is back with a letter and she tells us that she's on the cusp of something that will change everything - in a good way. Luckily she was locked down for the pandemic on a vineyard in Northern California with an amazing group of people. Her wine importing business idea has been waiting for her attention. Grace and Sidonie are the experts and they are here to help.


 2021-09-21  35m

episode 40: 40. Friends+

Alexandre leaves Natalie's vineyard and heads home to France and leaving Claire at her new home in the refrubished Barn to weather the shutdown - insecure and feeling a little down. But not an hour passes when out of the dust trail appears Claire's oldest friend from college Grace - pulling an Airstream trailer into the Vineyard. A reunion and much laughter ensues on the porch of the Beekeeper's Cottage...


 2021-03-14  32m

episode 39: 39. Comings and Goings

An emotional turn around as Claire struggles after Alexandre's departure - his return to France has left her wondering if they would have anything like a future together. Barret is there for her -  to offer advice as CoolAunts always manage to do. Claire is uninspired and without any ideas for her next move, until she is surprised by the unexpected arrival of her dear friend Grace...


 2021-03-04  34m

episode 38: 38. Better Than Instead

The Barn remodel is just about finished. Everyone has pitched in on the work in the Barn and the vineyard too. Natalie's first harvest with the new water supply is saved when Barret comes up with a plan to step in for the absent pickers. Throughout the pandemic shut down everyone at the vineyard picks up on whatever needs doing and gets it done...


 2021-02-26  23m

episode 37: 37. Change of Plans

Like everyone, Claire plans have been upended by the pandemic. She has just left her job to start a wine and spirits import and export business. Laurente has left on the last flight out to Paris. Caught up in the lockdown, Claire is inspired by the diaries in Love War Champagne once again and lives the value of being in the moment she has...


 2021-02-19  33m