Zero Blog Thirty

Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.

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ZBT #168: Wagging The Dog in Iran with Forrest Gump

Round 1: Time to wag the dog? US Orders Non-Emergency Govt employees to leave Iraq as tensions with Iran get heated up

Round 2: A Navy SEAL got off active service & wanted to join the FDNY but it turns out he was too old. Now he's getting offers from departments all around the country

Round 3: ZBT History: We dive into the story of the real life Forrest Gump.  Sammy L Davis and bravery went together like peas and carrots...



ZBT #167: The VA Doesn't Want This Smoke

Round 1: A study has come out with a list of the most dangerous military towns. Spoiler alert: Quantico doesn't make the cut, as nothing exciting has ever or will ever happen there since officers are giant nerds...



ZBT #166: Stick It In Your Blowhole

Round 1. Command Master Chief is seemingly forced to resign for telling the sailors to “clap like they are at a strip club”

Round 2. Canadian Navy Admiral says that kids wont join the Navy if the ships don't have wifi. Good...



ZBT #165: I Demand To Speak To Agent Penis

Round 1: The Navy is deploying a carrier and bombers to the Middle East to deter Iran with 'unrelenting force' which is not to be confused with Uncle Chaps' unrelenting diarrhea

Round 2: A woman has been arrested after trespassing at CIA Headquarters 3 days in a row & asking for Agent Penis. Who is this veiny operative?

Round 3: The Air Force is using fucking lasers to knock down missiles shot at aircraft carriers...



ZBT #164: Special Guest Host Adam Kinzinger

Believe it or not, Cons is STILL on vacation (lol officers). Congressman Kinzinger takes his spot as we chat about the topics of the day.

Round 1: Lawmakers introduced legislation on Tuesday that would allow service members and their families to sue the government, in certain cases, when a member of the military is a victim of military medical malpractice.

Round 2: The Commandant said that people in Cyber Command can have purple hair or any color...



ZBT #163: Special Guest Host Terminal Lance

Max Uriarte is in for Cons on today's pod. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary arrangement.

Round 1: We catch up with Max and talk about his new book, his love for LCpls, and his social media policy.

Round 2: Breaking down the terrible battle tactics used in S8E3 of Game of Thrones, and how so many GoT quotes would be awesome to use to chew out Marines.

Round 3: Ships in the Arctic Circle are blubbering about a whale that keeps head-butting the ships' hulls...



ZBT #162: Spilling The ZBTea

Round 1: Chaps is basically Varys from Game of Thrones. His little birds sing him a song from the Air Force's 735th Squadron at Hickam AFB. We've got one motivator who sick of everyone's shit so he takes an ALL CAPS dump on the entire unit's chest.

Round 2: Our guy who is completely not our guy, the Commanding General of 2nd Marine Division once again put his foot in his mouth. This time it's about a service member who was KIA and veteran twitter was FURIOUS about it...



ZBT #161: Pajama Party On Camp Lejeune

ROUND 1: We got the SCOOP on the nasty gram that a 2 Star General sent out last week and it's exactly as we expected, minus the pajamas

ROUND 2: The Coast Guard had themselves a solid 4/20 after reeling in a cool $62...



ZBT #160: The NOT Mueller Report Episode

We promise 0% of this episode is dedicated to the Mueller Report. Promise!

Round 1: A Korean fatso ate his way out of military service by shoving fried chicken and booze down his gullet. Honestly, that sounds lovely.

Round 2: We will not rest until The Code on CBS is off the air, and never returns.

Round 3: Iraq looks to ban Fortnite and other video games that have a negative influence...


 2019-04-19  1h5m

ZBT #159: Actually The VA Is Still Messed Up

Round 1: The government might start monitoring veterans' social media to see how “happy and healthy” they are in effort to lower the amount of claims at the VA. Meanwhile, the wars continue.

Round 2: A Colorado veteran was sentence to pay 1.3 million dollars in restitution to the VA for pretending to be blind since 1969 . 

Round 3: A 94-year-old blind War World 2 veteran just tried downhill skiing for the first time...


 2019-04-16  43m