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Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.

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ZBT #344: National Guard Soldiers in DC Eating Worms And Metal Shavings

Round 1 (8:13): National Guard soldiers were sickened after eating food with worms & metal shavings. On Wednesday I went scorched earth in order to make a point on social media. There’s some stuff I regret about it and some stuff I certainly do not. Round 2 (20:22): There’s an acronym to end all acronyms and we are only discussing this so we can hear Kate read it in the phonetic alphabet Round 3 (29:37): For round #3 ::huge yawn:: we’ve got ::big yawn:: Agh, sorry guys can’t keep my eyes open...



ZBT #343: Biden Bombs Syria

ROUND 1 (20:43): If there’s anything that gets a 50-something-year old peace time veteran riled the fuck up it’s Military women & fitness standards, so stretch out your keyboard warrior fingers, fellas, it’s back in the spotlight ROUND 2 (33:31): What better way to get you pumped for tax SZN than to tell you how the U.S...



ZBT #342: Is the F-35 a Complete Failure + Best Military Insults

ROUND 1 (10:33): NBA Top Shot, a highlight version of a digital trading card, has been taking the internet by storm. We are gonna make some for the military and are ready to announce the top 10 military gif moments. ROUND 2 (39:08): Ah, a nice pink salmon, cheery yellow butter, a bright orange orange… well it’s all lieees! Liees I tell you! The government is controlling the color of our foods and there’s nothing we can do…...



ZBT #341: Navy/Coast Guard Turtle Rescues + New Mars Rover

ROUND 1 (15:07): What the… What the shell? What the sh… what the shell? The Navy and Coast Guard teamed up to rescue over 1100 sea turtles down in Texas who were experiencing shell shock from the cold. ROUND 2 (21:25): A new rover landed on Mars and now we can see and hear what the planet is like. It is only a matter of time until the Marine Corps makes it a training base...



ZBT #340: 30 Taliban Die Making A Bomb + The Tale Of Kate's Car

ROUND 1 (27:46): Winter weather down south causes more than a dozen military bases to close, including the illustrious Fort Chaps ROUND 2 (41:01): A former Navy SEAL and Special Ops Commander who oversaw the raid to kill Bin Laden is writing a book… You might think “oh, reaaaal original”, but what if we told you it’s a children’s book…?! ROUND 3 (47:24): One of our allies has been in Afghanistan with us for 20 years now, but just announced they’ll be withdrawing the very last of their troops...



ZBT #339: Worst Parts Of Military Jobs + Surviving Four Plane Crashes

Round 1 (6:04): Drama in your fam because of politics? The first story might make you feel a little bit better.. Former ZBT guest & congressman Adam Kinzinger is going through the wringer right now in the wake of the impeachment trial & my goodness does he have an annoying cousin. Round 2 (15:40): The perfect crime does exist and there’s an article about it in the Detroit Free Press. Round 3 (22:47): Ever crashed in a plane? Oh...



ZBT #338: The Green Weenie Dating Back To Roman Times

ROUND 1 (8:27): Navy Veteran & Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has passed away. His legacy isnt all buttholes and titties. ROUND 2 (26:49): Archaeologists have found a Roman soldier's pay stub & it’s safe to say some things in the military have always been the same... ROUND 3 (35:12): Firewatch. And maybe bomb watch...



ZBT #337: Marines #1 in Hazing + Time Travel Goofin

Round 1 (11:08): A Woman sucking dick is the bravest story you’ll hear today. Round 2 (15:36): Our good pals, The Air Force Security Forces Defenders, have some explaining to do as some fella just snuck on base and was doin a little plane goofin on the flight line at Andrews. Round 3 (26:39): The Pentagon released the results of the first-ever service wide hazing data. It turns out the Space Force leads all branches in hazing reports. Ah, just kidding. It was the Marines...



ZBT #336: China Wants Manly Men + Pregnant Military Women Troubles

ROUND 1 (10:27): China is sick and tired of their boys growing up to become pussies. So, they are sending out government sponsored ads. Do we need that? Hard to say. ROUND 2 (21:12): Coast Guard fixes the light at loneliest place in the world and we aren’t talkin about PFC Bren’s room in 2019. ROUND 3 (28:51): Moms in the military getting screwed just because they got laid and are having some babies. Being a mom shouldn’t end your career. Brave of us, right? Take note, Chinese men...



ZBT #335: $400 Million in Gold + Marine Veteran Beau Wise

Round 1 (6:17): Starting the show with a safety brief. Dont drink anti-freeze. I know it smells delicious. Still… dont do it. Round 2 (14:24): Nothing gets my blood pumping like a tale about gold in them there hills. The FBI might be doing something shady with 400 million dollars worth of Civil War Era gold. We’ll tell you about this story which sure as shit should be a movie. Round 3 (23:05): HUGE shoutout to the Chief of Staff of the Army. I FUCKING LOVE stories like this one...


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