Zero Blog Thirty

Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.

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ZBT #252: Career Day 2 + Crazy Train

ROUND 1: Allll aboard… We are goin’ off the rails to tell you the story of a man who tried to take out the USNS Comfort this week… with a train. ROUND 2: Social distancing is pretty much impossible on Navy ships and that’s become apparent as over 100 Sailors on an aircraft carrier have come down with Coronavirus. As the situation worsens one Captain on the ship has put their neck out to plead with officials to do the right thing and take steps to stop the spread...



ZBT #251: Career Day featuring Mark Hertling

a list of resources on our website: Additionally, Headstrong has gone to full tele-health with clinicians in Colorado, so cadets can reach out: Vets4Warriors, which 247 peer support that can link the cadets to other resources: https://www.vets4warriors...



ZBT #250: Military Suspension featuring Rocky Bleier

ROUND 1: The military has suspended all travel, deployments, and exercises for the entire force and we’re gonna give you a quick, light, roundup ending with the most pressing issue of all. Haircuts. ROUND 2: A bit of panic ensued on Twitter when a DJ named Kray-Z-K tweeted a photo of hundreds of tanks rolling through San Diego & asked if martial law was upon us. Is there a government conspiracy afoot?! Or is this DJ just spinning a wack track...



ZBT #249: Military Olympics + The Future

Round 1: The Canadians are leading the way again. Our friends up north announced they are not gonna be in the Olympics. The Summer Olympics. Kinda slaps differently when Canada says that arent playing beach volleyball. Round 2: With ESPN Ocho dominating the sports scene this weekend, we took to social media to see what military sports should be on the next slate of games. Watching people fill sandbags as fast as they can would be must-watch tv...



ZBT #248: Fighting Boredom + Nudes

ROUND 1: Boredom is going to start setting in soon. If you think we dont have a cure for that, you just made a big mistake. Huge. Let’s talk RomComs, folks. ROUND 2: Relax, don’t do it, when you wanna comb through it and get your haircut… At least if you’re in the Navy. They’re letting their grooming standards relax to deal with Coronavirus. ROUND 3: Yes, the times are changin’ but it’d be a lie to say nudie mags haven’t been a huge part of military culture...



ZBT #247: Hurry Up and Wait

Round 1: Coronavirus lockdowns are in full effect. It’s only been one weekend and boredom is already starting to set in. We are gonna teach you the ancient military method of hurry up and waiting. Round 2: Magnets… How do they work? Not only that, but other stuff is weird too. We are gonna hop right into something not coronavirus related. Round 3: For round number three, we had longtime Stoolie Boris come in to read the round...



ZBT #246: Coronavirus + Integrity Violators

Round 1: Coronavirus hysteria. It’s going down, folks. So we are gonna give you a little advice amd freak out some too. ROUND 2: The GI Bill is a wonderful thing.. Until your school is charged with “erroneous, deceptive, or misleading" practices so the VA terminates new enrollments. ROUND 3: Integrity Violators? In the military? Hard to believe, but some little birdies - AKA you guys - told us about the craziest lies people in your unit ever got caught up in...



ZBT #245: Bomb Sniffing Dolphins + Lies Your Recruiter Told You

Round #1: Despite what longtime stoolie Ray Finkle would say, the laces were out and the dolphins are in… inside the belly of a C-17 because these specialized bomb-smelling dolphins are headed to the Florida Keys from San Diego. No word yet on Key Largo or Montego. We’ll keep you updated...



ZBT #244: Kate Receives An Award From The VFW + Congressman Will Hurd

ROUND 1: Kate received an award from the VFW, and we recap how the night went. Spoiler alert, it was great! ROUND 2: PETA is up in arms over an animal that has no arms that our armed forces are eating when they hold it in their arms over their heads to drink their blood! Say that 5 times fast...



ZBT #243: Sgt. Slaughter and 36 Hours of Peace

Round 1: An Army unit had a DUI over the weekend. Nothing new there. The command went a little bit old school in the punishment. Does unit punishment work for situations like this? Maybe. Probably not. Round 2: America’s newest medal of honor recipient just got promoted to Sergeant Major. Having a SgtMaj with a MOH would be both a blessing and it would STINK. We’ll tell you why...


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