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Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.

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ZBT #209: Medal Of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter

ROUND 1: It looks like a lot of military personnel are not puff-puff-passing their piss tests & studies are showing a big increase in marijuana use among troops in states where it's legal.ROUND 2: Russians take over a hastily abandoned US military base in Syria and find our secret cache of dick drawings.ROUND 3: The Chaps family took in a kitten we found in our back yard this week, so we're gonna talk about the pets our listener's units took in on deployments...



ZBT #208: D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E

Round 1: The Barstool Sports Office is in a state of disarray. A gigantic mess left behind by Yankees fans has thrown PFC Bren onto the Battle Commander's radar (Erika Nardini) and that's not somewhere you want to be. What does Staff Sgt. Chaps have to say to him?Round 2: The Army is working on a combat robot working dog. This is betrayal the likes have never been seen. Round 3: MSG Mark Allen, 46, was shot in the head on 9 July 2009 while on a mission to search for Bowe Bergdahl...



ZBT #207: One Lance Corporal Vs. The Cartel

ROUND 1: Now that the UFO/Area 51 drama has subsided, we need to alert you to a much more pressing matter…. Torpedo Eating Sea Monsters. Yarghhh with eyes black… like a doll's eyes...ROUND 2: We've got an unreal story of bravery, selflessness & resilience from a soldier who stepped up to save lives during horrible training accident. ROUND 3: Holy micromanagement, Batman. This is a hot story about a coolin' problem as our forces in Europe are given new guidance on air conditioning units...



ZBT #206: A Presidential Turkey Soup Sandwich

Round 1: It's time for ALLL Navy folks to take advantage of our ad deals with Dollar Shave Club because you nasty little squids will no longer be able to get a permanent no-shave chit. Round 2: Any time we can take a dump on O-6s and above, we will. The towel policy at an Air Force Base is outrageous. We shame those senior leaders who allow it. Round 3: Kate sat down with the viral philly hero…...



ZBT #205: Brian Wood MC & The Battle Of Danny Boy

ROUND 1: Military Ball SZN is fast approaching and with that - comes the dreaded fundraisers to lower the ticket prices. We asked YOU what YOUR units volun-told you to do, and the answers did not disappoint. ROUND 2: After 11 years with one of the worst looks in the military, Sailors are not feeling blue about a big uniform change that went into effect this week. ROUND 3: Cool? Ah-slappin' da bass...



ZBT #204: The Phantom Warrior Standard Handbook ft. Army Ranger J.B. Spisso

Round 1: A woman who unwittingly helped assassinate Kim Jong Un's half-brother said she did it to be a YouTube star… and there but for the grace of god go I. Round 2: A study by Duke University found that employers think veterans lack social-emotional abilities and are less likely to hire them for certain jobs. Whatever, nerds.Round 3: Senior Army Leaders are triggered that soldiers are violating the Phantom Warrior Standard Handbook, whatever that is. We'll walk you through their concerns...



ZBT #203: WWII Aerial Gunner Robert Sweatt

ROUND 1: A walrus defending her cubs sank a Russian Navy boat in the Arctic Ocean. Will Putin declare war on all sea mammals?ROUND 2: A soldier planned to bomb a major American news network, and it turns out... that's frowned upon. The FBI has scooped him up & we're thinking it'll be worse than a simple counseling. ROUND 3: Chaps traveled out to interview Robert Sweatt, a 97-year-old WWII veteran who was an Aerial Gunner in the Air Force. He survived THREE plane crashes...



ZBT #202: Hunger Strikes At The Citadel ft. Mr. Portnoy (Dave Portnoy's Dad)

Round 1: The Area 51 Raid is over and the Air Force Defenders won the day but the DoD still had to apologize for a now-deleted Tweet involving a B-2 bomber and a gaggle of Airmen.Round 2: Army Captain gets the biggest boner for himself and creates the biggest closed door open door policy we've ever seen...



ZBT #201: John Boehner

ROUND 1: Hey there Red, White & Beautiful --- we found some of the WORST military dating profiles around and we're gonna break ‘em down for ya. Listen in & who knows… maybe you'll find your soul mate ROUND 2: A veteran from PA went to D.C. thinking he was just there to tour the WWII memorial, but he ended up getting the surprise of a lifetime, and a medal that was a long time comingROUND 3: Pull back your recliner and light a cig...



ZBT 200th Episode

Wow we made it to 200 episodes! Or something. We've probably done more but this is the 200th OFFICIAL one. Thanks for listening. Today's rounds:Round 1: Boot Marine tackles the ever-loving-dog shit out of two teens who were fist-fighting. The Marine Corps' statement on the fight is a wild ride.Round 2: City Chickens were taking over a hanger. An Army CWO authorized the use of airsoft guns via an official memo. This is the type of unit people think they are joining when they sign up...


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