Zombies Ate My Podcast

Zombies Ate My Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things zombies! Each episode Ryan and Lou break down the zombie news, discuss zombie movies both old and new, and spoil the living dead out of The Walking Dead.


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ZAMP 310 – Army of Thieves

We promise, this week's movie has zombies. It also has Thieves and maybe that's a hint. That's right we're talking about Army of Thieves! This movie is a prequel to Army of the Dead with everyone's favourite safe cracker!



ZAMP 309 – Aquarium of the Dead

After watching the Aquarium of the Dead are our humble hosts ready for an Asylum? Maybe... But that might be the only way they watch another Asylum movie again. Listen and find out what you didn't miss from this floppy fish of a film.



ZAMP 308 – The Ones Who Live

Do Rick and Michone have a happy ending? Is the CRM plan super dumb? Listen in and find out! We run down all the details, including Rick’s possible immortality. For zombie news, we cover a COD zombie game that never made it,


 April 14, 2024  1h0m

ZAMP 307 – 28 Weeks Later

Since 28 Days Later is impossible to watch we settle for 28 Weeks Later. How fast does Robert Carlyle run? Real fast! Does Jeremy Renner play a good sniper? He ain't Hawkeye for no reason. Will the over use of night vision annoy Lou?


 March 22, 2024  57m

ZAMP 306 – Welcome Back to Rick and Michonne

It's real! We've seen the first episode! Rick and Michone have a show! Is it good? Did we like it? Listen and find out! Also, Dead Island 2 is on Xbox Game Pass, a new zombie movie is coming to streaming service Screambox,


 March 4, 2024  59m

ZAMP 305 – Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

What happens when you're worked like a dog and then the zombie apocalypse happens? You get a day off! This week we talk about the anime Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead on Netflix. As well as run down a lot of news about The Last of Us,


 February 15, 2024  46m

ZAMP 304 – 2024 Zombie Preview

It’s a new year, and with that, we have new zombie movies, TV shows, and video games to discuss! We run down some of the big ones coming for 2024, like Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, Marvel Zombies, and much more. As always, though,


 January 19, 2024  45m

ZAMP 303 – 2023 Zombie Year in Review

Over the holidays we discussed our favourite new zombie content we discussed on ZAMP in 2023. Join us as we go over the top new movies, TV shows, and video games that were released in 2023 for the zombie genre.


 January 2, 2024  1h9m

ZAMP 302 – That’s a Wrap on Fear

It's time to wrap up Fear The Walking Dead, as our main topic this week is a discussion on Part 2 of Season 8. But before we say goodbye to Madison and the gang, we have our Extra Life update to kickstart the show.


 December 8, 2023  1h21m

ZAMP 301 – You Will Die Here Tonight

After our preview of You Will Die Here Tonight last episode, we're back with the game as our main topic. But before we spoil this zombie throwback video game, we have some zombie news to cover! With the actors strike over,


 November 27, 2023  58m