Zombies Ate My Podcast

Zombies Ate My Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things zombies! Each episode Ryan and Lou break down the zombie news, discuss zombie movies both old and new, and spoil the living dead out of The Walking Dead.


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ZAMP 290 – Multi-Purpose Zombie Gas

We kick off the show by checking in with Lou's time in Resident Evil 4 and the Mercenaries Mode. We then move into our main topic for the episode, Wyrmwood Apocalypse, the sequel to Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead from 2014.


 May 5, 2023  48m

ZAMP 289 – Preserving the Leon Sarcasm

After a short delay to our schedule, we're back to discuss the remake of Resident Evil 4. But before we get into Capcom's latest zombie adventure, we go through the zombie news! We start with the sad news that Lance Reddick has passed away at the age o...


 April 24, 2023  1h9m

ZAMP 288 – Wrapping Up The Last of Us

HBO has wrapped up Season 1 of The Last of Us, and we're ready to revisit this story one more time! But before we break down our thoughts on Season 1 of The Last of Us we have some zombie news. In The Walking Dead world from AMC,


 March 31, 2023  1h14m

ZAMP 287 – Many Titles of Manchester Morgue

We return to the 70's this episode to discuss Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie), as we take a break from the more recent zombie adventures from HBO and AMC. We have a month's worth of zombie news to go over,


 March 17, 2023  55m

ZAMP 286 – Checking in on The Last of Us

Ryan and Lou are ready to check back in with The Last of Us since they've hit their mid-season mark on HBO. Plus we have some zombie news to catch up on including Dead Island 2 moving it's release date up a week,


 February 17, 2023  48m

ZAMP 285 – One Cut Of The Dead

Ryan and Lou finally get a chance to watch One Cut of the Dead for the podcast, and very much enjoyed the experience! But before we dive into this fun zombie movie making adventure, we catch up on the latest zombie news.


 February 3, 2023  48m

ZAMP 284 – Fungi Apocalypse

Ryan and Lou are excited to discuss the premiere episode of The Last of Us on HBO! But before the return to one of our favourite zombie tales, we catch up on some The Walking Dead news from AMC and the fact that HBO is doing awesome numbers with that L...


 January 20, 2023  1h0m

ZAMP 283 – 2023 and the Zombies

ZAMP returns for 2023 with a look ahead at what to expect for zombie television, movies, and video games! But before we dive in to what's to come, we start with a recap of Extra Life 2022. Thank you so much for the support and here's to a great 2023 fo...


 January 10, 2023  51m

ZAMP 282 – But Wait, There’s More TWD

After some scheduling issues, Ryan and Lou return to conclude their adventure with The Walking Dead Prime. But before we say goodbye to AMC's first TWD project, we have some zombie news to go over! First up, The Last of Us TV Series has a new trailer,


 December 15, 2022  58m

ZAMP 281 – Fast Zombies, Fast Cars

We're a little late this week, with both an episode AND a discussion the Train to Busan follow up: Peninsula. But we also have zombie news to catch up on! HBO makes it official and announced their Last of Us series will premiere on January 15th, 2023,


 November 18, 2022  49m