Those Who Wish Me Dead
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Hossa, das große Schlagercomeback
2021-10-16 (duration 55m)
04:42 Ich habe auch ein bisschen me time mir genommen, mir ein bisschen Gedanken über die Zukunft gemacht von mir. Mhm. Und ähm genau, bin da auch ein bisschen weiter gekommen und freue mich jetzt, dass der Podcast weitergeht.
Someone's idea is going to my own mind
2021-10-15 (duration 55m)
00:51 Oder via PayPal Punkt me slash Leichtigkeit der Kunden.
The Monster Club
2021-10-14 (duration 56m)
[from content:encoded] ... a big fan of, um, Vincent Price, especially, I just don’t tend to seek those movies out. So I was actually kind of excited when, uh, you suggested it and I’ve been, ...
How we can break the silence. Nenia's story of freeing herself from domestic violence and using her experience to educate others.
2021-10-12 (duration 1h26m)
00:52 those who qualify. So visit
1:24:59 look at those, check those out.
1:09:04 remember who I am. Remember who
Build Better Worlds: Anthropology For Writers With Michael Kilman
[from content:encoded] ...sents people, and why is that problematic? Or why is it good? All those various things, trying to uncover exactly what happens when you represent people in spaces like fictio...
2021-10-08 (duration 56m)
[from content:encoded] are a lot of Halloween and. Anthologies coming out every year and we love those. We’ve even thrown around the idea of doing a, an anthology month, you know, even just ou...
Facebook Podcasts Update + Listener Q&A
2021-10-08 (duration 47m)
06:38 Obviously, we don't wish that
32:02 you know, we wish it could be
00:09 asking people what who
Her CFO Tips: 4 Steps in Planning Your Debt Finance Repayment and Achieving Long-Term Profitability
2021-10-07 (duration 9m)
04:38 struggling. Those customers that
00:09 approach anyone who wants to
08:54 Book in a time to speak with me
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