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DML406 Picture This!
December 10, 2023 (duration 43m)
03:52 Speicherstein und Her im Switchen und sollten mehr Speicherplatz zu haben. Das hatten die ersten NER-Spieler aber nicht. Also super Mario Brothers zum Beispiel ist halt in 40 Kilobyte.
05:02 Ja genau. Ähnliche Techniken sieht man ja auch bei Super Mario Brothers zum Beispiel, dass die die Sprites für die Wolken sind die gleichen wie die Sprites der Büsche. Die haben exakt die gleiche Form,
The Transformations of Actor Willem Dafoe
December 10, 2023 (duration 1h0m)
10:45 brothers and sisters. Broad strokes. Well, we're diving into philosophy
20:12 You know, my brothers and myself, we were burdened by
Cyrus Norcross, Former Army Ranger and Award-Winning Journalist
December 9, 2023 (duration 1h20m)
44:26 brothers gone missing. Currently, this dude, one of one of
Today vs Back In The Day (12/09/23)
December 9, 2023 (duration 11m)
06:27 of them is Jonas Brothers and one is One Direction. Okay,
SMNTY Classics: The One With Friendsgiving
December 9, 2023 (duration 39m)
09:11 is getting uglier because uh, one of my brothers is
SYMHC Classics: Traffic Lights
December 9, 2023 (duration 29m)
04:38 In eighteen ninety three, brothers Charles and Edgar Durier became
It Could Happen Here Weekly 110
December 9, 2023 (duration 4h11m)
3:16:02 and most of my brothers and their families were killed.
3:23:40 onto Ahmed's entire family, killing his father, brothers, sisters, and
Russell Simmons Accusations, Biden Student Loans, Roscoe Wallace Xmas, The Wynn LV and more.
December 8, 2023 (duration 1h26m)
15:18 I'm brother, one of the brothers at the church. Okay, okay, brothers,
14:21 we wanted to be in one of the brothers of
34:19 two older brothers and two older sisters. My youngest sister
Entertainment News
December 8, 2023 (duration 6m)
05:20 You know. I had two older brothers and two older sisters.
Unthawing Frozen: Part 2
December 8, 2023 (duration 42m)
18:40 these things. Yeah, and her becoming her, protecting her brothers
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