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Bart Gullong and Charles Barber, Inventor of QuikClot and Author of "In the Blood"
June 24, 2023 (duration 57m)
01:10 can listen to me narrate Brandon Webb, best author New
56:51 our merch and I appreciate your Brandon Webb with putting
QB Rankings: Which Passers Have the Most Long-Term Upside? (Ep. 109)
June 23, 2023 (duration 56m)
16:06 I like Brandon Cooks, and I like what they've done.
Titanic Sub Tragedy; Yellen Sees Lower Recession Risk
June 23, 2023 (duration 17m)
10:23 Alabama's Brandon Miller. Portland followed a Scoot Henderson who played
Free Agents Eps 3 & 4 w/ Cara Maria Sorbello
June 22, 2023 (duration 1h17m)
01:57 And that's a Brandon too, because he was Brandon's they
Clinical MDMA > Racism 06.22.23
June 22, 2023 (duration 1h5m)
32:20 like Joe Brandon. They're like, oh no, okay, well this
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