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    Eine Sammlung von spannenden Podcast-Episoden rund um Cyber-Security
    Bangladesh Bank Heist
    2020-08-18 (duration 38m)

    A bank robbery with the objective to steal 1 billion dollars. This is the story of the largest bank robbery in history. And it was all done over a computer.

    Our guest this episode was Geoff White. Learn more about him at geoffwhite.tech.

    Check out Geoff’s new book Crime Dot Com. Affiliate link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1789142857/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1789142857&linkCode=as2&tag=darknet04-20&linkId=bb5a6aa7ba980183e0ce7cee1939ea05


    This episode was sponsored by IT Pro TV. Get 65 hours of free training by visiting ITPro.tv/darknet. And use promo code DARKNET25.

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    2020-09-01 (duration 46m)

    It is recommend to listen to episodes 53 “Shadow Brokers”71 “FDFF”, and 72 “Bangladesh Bank Heist” before listening to this one.

    In May 2017 the world fell victim to a major ransomware attack known as WannaCry. One of the victims was UK’s national health service. Security researchers scrambled to try to figure out how to stop it and who was behind it.

    Thank you to John Hultquist from FireEye and thank you to Matt Suiche founder of Comae.


    Support for this episode comes from LastPass. LastPass is a great password manager but it can do so much more. It can setup 2FA for your company, or use it to monitor what your users are doing in the network. Visit LastPass.com/Darknet to start your 14 day free trial.

    This episode was sponsored by Linode. Linode supplies you with virtual servers. Visit linode.com/darknet and when signing up with a new account use code darknet2020 to get a $20 credit on your next project.

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    We Deepfaked Our Podcast Host
    2020-10-01 (duration 42m)

    Audio deepfakes are getting more convincing than ever. To test this out, we’ve replaced our host Ben Makuch with a robotic clone of himself. Sponsored by NeXt.


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    One of the Top Cybersecurity Companies In the World Got Hacked
    2020-12-10 (duration 23m)

    Who ya gonna call when you are one of the greatest, multibillion dollar cybersecurity firms in the world, known for investigating breaches into governments and major corporations, when you’re hacked?

    Well in the case of Fireeye, known for being staffed by ex-intelligence and doing the forensics on massive hacks, they came out and responsibly disclosed that it had been breached.

    It’s big news in the hacking world and with me today is Motherboard reporter Joseph Cox to breakdown what happened and why it matters.


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