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Skepticrat 209 - Comes in Handy Edition
2023-09-25 (duration 30m)
[from description] ...c" back in arsenic, we'll share a difficult story about our X, and we'll join Lauren Boebert for a night at the theater. To support our show on Patreon, go here: https://www.pat...
EGL031 Oppenheimer Film: Die Trinity der Atombombe-Urteil-Intrige Zeitstränge
2023-08-03 (duration 2h5m)
2:01:06 Also apropos Folgen, hier auf unserem Weg vom Theater des Westens hin zur Ritterstraße gleich.
Trump VS Biden, Back 2 School, Dog Meetup, and more.
2023-08-01 (duration 1h27m)
53:14 I'm in Washington, DC at the Howard Theater. The Howard Theater,
The Inventor of the Saxophone Had Some of the World's Worst Luck
2023-08-02 (duration 54m)
01:02 with Me, Lauren vogelbaumb Lauren, thanks for coming back on
02:42 So I want to jump in here, Lauren. I do
03:06 Let's see what type of hijinks any Lauren are getting
2023-08-02 (duration 1h7m)
48:12 the theater and I'd be like, I'm gonna go see
This is Dramatic: Thank u, next
2023-08-02 (duration 37m)
00:04 radio podcast. Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima coming to you
06:59 because Lauren and I love to debate. Headline number one,
36:34 us to talk about. You can always find Lauren Zima
Where Do Royalty's Nannies Get Their Training?
2023-08-02 (duration 6m)
00:01 Welcome to Brainstuff, a production of iHeartRadio. Hey Brainstuff. Lauren
Short Stuff: NATO Alphabet
2023-08-02 (duration 13m)
08:14 you're doing great Landmark Cinemas. It's a good theater employee,
06:31 going to name the theater the Landmark Midtown Cinema. Oh yeah,
06:56 on that. I go to eat the popcorn in the theater.
DJ Camper
2023-08-02 (duration 1h11m)
55:10 stay at Whitney another Jersey Queen, Lauren Hill? Why not you,
54:40 top five R and B artists theater lives back then.
SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 11.1)
2023-08-02 (duration 27m)
24:14 Nicole Kidman theater way where she's like, this is where
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