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Радио-Т 886
[from description] Темы OpenAI начинает стабилизироваться - 00:01:50. UniFi Express - 00:09:16. 40 лет Turbo Pascal - ...
[from itunes:summary] OpenAI начинает стабилизироваться - 00:01:50. UniFi Express - 00:09:16. 40 лет Turbo Pascal - 00:4...
2023 Week 8 Preview
2023-10-26 (duration 1h22m)
12:54 Romo Wolfson joint. All right, come on, Sam, Sam Richard,
43:02 the way, Sam, Sam, Donald, Zach Wilson one interception his
11:25 to put Sam in, because if you put Sam Donald in,
Ep. 490: Duck DNA: Are “Wild” Ducks Really Wild?
2023-10-30 (duration 2h43m)
54:36 mean sam flies. I'm not a squeamish man. Yeah, but
"Joanie Loves Tchotchkes" w/ Mo Rocca
2023-10-30 (duration 9m)
02:56 we're going to give it a shot. Oh, Sam, you
2023 Week 8 Recap
2023-10-30 (duration 1h56m)
06:37 be kind of compelled to put someone like Sam Darnold
07:41 And you know, I don't expect to see Sam Darnold
10:18 thinking it was Sam Darnold, and I was very excited
The Rise and Fall of Crypto Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried (with Writer Michael Lewis)
2023-10-29 (duration 1h8m)
30:05 Sam wasn't influenced by his parents. The point was Sam
01:10 in question is Sam Bankman Freed, the FTX crypto mogul,
01:32 co founded by Bankman Freed. Sam now stands trial in
The Best of Desus Nice as Guest Host
2023-10-29 (duration 25m)
14:20 Sam Oh, thank you. You are now a true New Yorker.
Judging Sam: Sam Bankman-Fried Takes The Stand
2023-10-28 (duration 21m)
10:41 Sam mcmunfreed to respond to that, and Sam Bankman Freed says,
00:15 Push Kim. Welcome to Judging Sam, our podcast about the
00:23 trial of Sam Bankman Freed. We were in the courtroom
What Scream Has to Say About Tech And Media
2023-10-27 (duration 57m)
00:39 just talking to Sam a bit ago about I just
41:35 But I do think that that dichotomy that you're explaining, Sam,
Everything We Know About Podcasts On YouTube
2023-10-27 (duration 1h13m)
30:21 James and Sam say something
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